what is plate and frame filter press?

2014-06-27 16:32

What is plate and frame type filter press?

uniwin plate and frame filter press
Plate and Frame Filter Press is suitable for both high and low solid content suspension. In general the solid percentage is below 10%,operating pressure is 0.3-1.6 Mpa,(in some special industy it needs reach to 3 Mpa or higher).The filtering area also changes with the quantity of filter plates,the more plates,the bigger of the filtering area.usually the shape of the filter plate are square (for example 1000*1000 mm),the inner length of filter plates are from 200-2000 mm,thickness of 16-80 mm and filtering area from 1-500 m2.The compress method are :manual,mechanical and hydraulic press.the material of the filter plates are :wood,cast iron,cast steel,stainless steel,pp or rubber.

This type filter press is ponderous,big bulk,and it is batch operation,capacity about 50-2000 kg/h,the capacity is relatively small but it has good filtering result,the moisture of the filter cake can reach 70-85%.also this machine needs special man to operate ,it is low price compared with belt filters.

Plate and Frame Filter Press is mainly consists of fix plate,filter frame,filter plates,press plate and pressing system.it looks like chamber filter press on appearance.The filter frame and filter plates are placed on the filter press beam in turn.bewteem them are the filter cloth.
The filtrate flow method are visable and invisable type,during filtration,the filter cakes forms in the filter frame,usually the filtering pressure is 0.3-0.5 Mpa of the plate filter press,our design standard is 0.6 Mpa.

Introduction of the filter press Plates

The difference of plate and frame type and  chamber type is mainly reflected in the structure of the filter plate.
Plate and frame filter press: The chamber is formed by the alternatively placed filter frame and filter plates.
Pictures of filter plates used for plate and frame type filter press:
plate and frame filter plates
Chamber type filter press:There is no filter frame ,the two hollow on each side of the filter plates formed the chamber.
Pictures of filter plates used for chamber filter press:
chamber type filter plates
The filter plates are key components of filter press,the quality of the filter plates will affect the lifetime of the filter press greatly.