Factory outlet polyster filter cloth 621*90

2014-06-18 15:18

Factory outlet polyster filter cloth 621*90,plate and frame filer cloth,filter press filter fabric

1,Can be customized: yes.
3,Filter fabric type:double-silk filter cloth
4,Technicals:one layer weave
5,Type:high efficient
6,Applications:air ,liquid filtration
7,Performance:Acid proof, alkali resistance, water resistance.
9,Thickness:0.65 mm
10,Weave:plain weave
11,Unit weight:380 g/㎡
12,Warp density:256 /10 cm,Latitudinal density:321 /10 cm
13,Air permeablity:240(L/㎡·s)
14,Application scope:Sugar ,centrifuges,filters, filter press

The series filter cloth is divided into polyester short fiber filter cloth ,polyester filament filter cloth, polyester monofilament filter cloth!
With acid and weak alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, high tensile strength, good heat resistance performance,resistance to mildew and suitable for high temperature working environment.
This series of products are mainly used in chemical, metallurgy, food, pharmaceutical, building materials, mining and other industries frame filter, belt filter, vacuum filter dust and smoke solid-liquid separation, solid-gas separation equipment for use!
Typical products:
Thinner: 747,758,729,208,130,240,260
Thick and dense type: 3014,3927,4030,822,3010,621, F625
Intertwined blended type: 903,3751,3850

polyster filter cloth
polyster filter fabric