PP filter cloth for plate and frame/chamber filter press

2014-06-21 10:50

We have different kinds and series filter cloth used for the filter press,we can make the filter cloth depending on the clients requirements.

Our industrial filter cloth categories are:
Double layer monofilament filter cloth
PP(polypropylene) filter cloth
Nylon filter cloth
polyvinal alcohol ( PVA fiber ) filter cloth
Anti-static electricity  filter cloth
Non woven filter cloth
Aramid filter cloth
Acid and alkali resistant filter cloth
High temperature bearing filter cloth

The following are some pictures:
pp filter clothes
filter press filter fabric
PET filter cloth
nylon fiber filter cloth has the characteristics of high strength, strength of 4-5.3 Cndtex, and elongation of 18% -45%. the elastic recovery rate is 10% when elongation rate of 90%. Nylon is the most powerful kind in the fiber, according to the determination of the wear resistance of nylon fiber cotton fiber is 10 times, 50 times viscose, ranking first in the wear resistance of various fibers, so it is ideal material for tires when pressed with rubber togetherit is especially suitable for coal washing industry,  paper making factory replacement.

Industrial  Nylon Fabrics are widely used in ceramics plants, pharmaceutical plants, food plants, metallurgical and other industries, is applied to the rubber off the industry, but nylon 66 can not be used for pharmaceutical, food manufacturers, because it is toxic and harmful to human health.