Project case--municipal wastewater treatment belt filters

2014-06-02 17:20

The horizontal belt filters are widely used in the municipal wastewater treatment,river,lake waste water treatment,dewatering.because it has the advantages of :

1,There is no need of workers to operate,to touch the machines and dirty filtering materials.For example,for the sludge in river or Digesters,it is very dirty and smelly,people can not work in this environment.
2,It is large capacity,one 2 meter belt filter can process as much as 5 tons material per hour.
3,Good filering result.

The treatment of wastewater is integral to the protection of fresh water resources, as well as making commercial economic sense. Treatment uses a combination of mechanical, biological and chemical processes to remove particles and suspended solids, organic pollution, nitrogen and phosphorous. Mechanical processes comprise screening and sedimentation for solids removal, and biological treatment removes organic pollution and nitrogen. The remaining sewage sludge must be treated before disposal, but is also a source of energy via anaerobic digestion.

Here are some pictures of the municipal wastewater treatment:
municipal wastewater belt filters
sewage treatment belt filters uniwin
municipal wastewater treatment
belt filter cakes

We have several models of the belt filter such as DY 1000,DY 1500 designed for different capacity,also we have pumps for different filtering materials,we have belt conveyor system to convey the filter cake to certain place for collection,also we have the sediment tanks,adding chemical systems for the belt filter.welcome to contact us for more information.