316L stainless steel diatomite filters

2017-05-12 10:56

Diatomite filter is the type of stainless steel filter press to remove the suspended particles,colloid etc in the swimming pool, take the advantages of the characteristics of diatomite (fineness and porosity).

stainless steel diatomite filter
316L SS diatomite filters
diatomite filter press
stainless steel diatomite filters

In the sealed stainless steel container,there are multi-layer horizontal stainless steel filter discs , it is stainless steel mesh upper side,and stainless steel support plate at lower side, in the middle is the liquid collection chamber.the process of the filtration is:diatomite pre-coatto makethat a diatomite coating layer is formed on the plate,them the liquid to be pumped into the chamber under the pump pressure,through the precoat layer into the collection chamber, then flow out the collection chamber through the central axis out of the container.

Structural features of the diatomite filter press:

    1, the filter mesh are made of AISI316L,the rest are all AISI304,the inner and outside surface of the tank are automatically mechanical polished,all parts in touch with the liquid can reach the food grade.
    2, unique plate design, self-supporting,smoothy mesh, easy to clean.
    3,the filter plates are horizontal stacked, diatomite earth have good adsorbility with the filter plates,can avoid sudden or prolonged power blackout,the filter cake go off.
    4, the filter cake formed on the filter disk makes the filtration is done in a sealed state.
    5, diaphragm metering pumps,can change the amout of diatomaceous earth automatically according to the filtrate turbidity.
    6, There are residue filtration system placed outside the main canister ,can finish the filtration of residue without the compressed air in a short time.
    7, automatic cake discharge and filter plate cleaning.
    8, strong pressure stability.
    9, one power pump can finish: fill the liquid in the tank, exhaust air, pre-earth, loop filtration (includes residue filtration), cleaning and other processes.
    10, tank cover open automatically.

Diatomaceous earth filter can also be applied to clarify wine, white wine, wine, syrup, beverages, soy sauce, vinegar, as well as biological, pharmaceutical, chemical and other liquid filtration products.
1,beverage industry: fruit and vegetable juices, tea drinks, beer, wine, wine, liquor, wine, etc.
2,sugar industry: sucrose, fructose syrup, high fructose corn syrup, glucose syrup, beet sugar, honey, etc.
3,condiment: vinegar, soy sauce, MSG, cooking wine, etc.