Fine coal washing filter press

2014-04-16 16:09

The Applications in coal industry--filter press special for fine coal washing

Plate and frame filter press is widely used in coal industry,it has the advantages of long lifetime,big filtering capacity.

Definition of coal washing:
Coal washing is the process of remove inpurities in raw coal (rough coal),or the technology of separete of fine coal or inferior  coal.

Use model XYZ-DZ 22*28/800*1000/0.8 filter press,to filter the -200 mesh (94.6%) flotation fine coal,the filter cake moisture is 24-28%,process capacity is 0.28-0.35 t/m2*h.
Concerning for -200 mesh (79%) flotation fine coal,filter cake moisture is 17%-22%,processing capacity is 0.3-0.4 t/m2*h.

fine coal washing filter press