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■ Introduction

The spare parts of filter press are :filter cloth,filter plates,filter plates handles,filter press nozzles etc.we can make the size of the filter cloth,filter plates according to the requirements.
We use germany machines for the filter plates etc,this makes sure the smooth and flat of it .also for the filter fabric,we will use heatment treatment before delivery to make sure it will not be out of shape when using.

■ Working Principle

Filter cloth:we have filter fabric material of :Polypropylene(PP),Polyester,Polyamide,Polyvinyl,also some special filter cloth such as aramid,PTFE,PVDF etc.
Filter plates:we can make cast iron plate and frame filter plates,304/316 stainless steel filter plates,PP filter plates,round filter plates,high pressure filter plates that can bear 2.0 Mpa pressure etc.

We can make the high temperature filter plate and cloth,acid resistant filter plates and cloth.

■ Parameters

Size that we have in stock:
320*320 mm
450*450 mm
630*630 mm
800*800 mm
870*870 mm
1000*1000 mm
1250*1250 mm
1500*1500 mm
2000*2000 mm

For other size,pls contact us for customize service.

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