Filter Press Application Site

With more than 20 years of production and R&D experience, our filter press can meet the needs of various applications, including :

Production and domestic water, municipal sewage treatment: Membrane filter press.

Mining operations: In metal and mineral mining and processing, filter presses are often used to extract metals and minerals such as copper, zinc, molybdenum, iron, aluminum, etc.

Chemical industry: Separation of solid impurities and liquid solutions, such as separation of chemicals such as sodium sulfite, aluminum sulfate, chlorine and acetic acid.

Food and Beverage Industry: In food and beverage production processes, the stainless steel filter presses are often used to separate slurry and juice.

Textile Industry: In the textile industry, filter presses are widely used to separate dyes and chemicals.

Sand washing: treatment of sand washing wastewater such as machine-made sand, water-washed sand, stone powder sand washing, pebbles, and sand washing fields.

Solid-liquid separation in stone wastewater, ceramics, kaolin, building materials and other industries: High pressure round plate filter press.

Our filter presses are widely used in the above industries and have achieved good filtration results.The following are the application sites of filter presses in different industries.


Cement concrete sludge treatment site in Dubai


Saudi Arabia customer's 100 square meter filter press processing sludge site


Zambian customer membrane filter press copper mine application site

filter cake

After the filtration, the filter cakes are very dry

washing system

Membrane Filter press with automatic filter cloth washing system

filter cloth washing system

High pressure filter press in stone cutting industry

sand washing

Filter press application in sand washing

filter cakes

Plate and frame filter press filter cakes


Indonesia Leather wastewater treatment site


Filter press fly ash filtering site

discharge filter cakes

Saudi Arabia membrane filter press application site


Clear Filtrate discharge from filter press

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