Filter Press Animation

As a common solid-liquid separation equipment, the filter press is often used in various situations, so what is its working principle and operating process? The following videos will show you how a filter press works, including filter press working animation, quick opening filter press animation, mud storage tank animation and so on.

Filter Press Working Process Amination

Quick Opening Filter Press Animation

The above animations show the working process of the filter press. The following similar videos will show you the working process of each part of the filter press, which can relieve your doubts about the filter press.

Mud Storage Tank Animation

The mud storage tank is usually installed under the filter press to collect the fallen filter cake. When the filter cake reaches the discharge standard, the mud storage hopper is opened for discharge.

Hopper Running Animation

A hopper is usually a container used to store dropped filter cakes. After the filter press completes filtration, open the filter plate and begin to unload the filter cake. The fallen filter cake is collected in the hopper and then transported to other places by the conveyor belt below.

Drip Tray Animation

The drip tray is a water-collecting device installed under the filter press. When the filter press is working, the drip tray is closed, and the leaked filtrate flows into the collecting tank along its edge. When the filter press ends working, it opens to allow the filter cakes to fall into the mud storage tank.

Diaphragm Squeezing Animation

The material enters the diaphragm filter press, the filtrate passes through the filter cloth, and the filter cake remains on the filter cloth. When the filter cake fills the filter chamber, compressed air is blown into the diaphragm plate for secondary compression, thereby reducing the moisture content of the filter cake.

Varicose Structure Animation

The plate shifter pulls open the filter plate, and the vibration mechanism hits the filter cloth rod. The filter cloth rod moves downward after being rapped, which drives the filter cloth to shake strongly, forcing the filter cake to fall. After the filter cake falls, the filter cloth The rod and filter cloth are reset under the action of the varicose spring, and by analogy, the filter cake can be quickly dropped.

Sliding Filter Cloth Animation

When the filter press unloads the filter cake, all filter plates are opened to the same distance at the same time. The filter cloth transmits power through a dual-axis motor transmission combination. The upper and lower pivots at both ends fix the filter cloth and rotate around the rotating axis as the motor rotates forward and reverse. , the filter cake falls off easily as the filter cloth rotates, and the filter cloth is cleaned at the same time.

Parallel Bars Water Flushing Animation

Horizontal bar water flushing consists of a horizontal bar and a nozzle. During water flushing, the nozzle moves up and down between the two filter plates for cleaning, and so on until all filter plates are cleaned.

Horizontal Bar Water Flushing Animation

Parallel-bar water flushing consists of two horizontal bars with nozzles. During water flushing, the two nozzles move up and down on both sides of a filter plate at the same time for cleaning, and so on until all filter plates are cleaned.