Fine coal washing filter press

The Applications in coal industry–filter press special for fine coal washing

Plate and frame filter press is widely used in coal industry,it has the advantages of long lifetime,big filtering capacity.

Definition of coal washing:
Coal washing is the process of remove inpurities in raw coal (rough coal),or the technology of separete of fine coal or inferior  coal.

Use model XYZ-DZ 22*28/800*1000/0.8 filter press,to filter the -200 mesh (94.6%) flotation fine coal,the filter cake moisture is 24-28%,process capacity is 0.28-0.35 t/m2*h.
Concerning for -200 mesh (79%) flotation fine coal,filter cake moisture is 17%-22%,processing capacity is 0.3-0.4 t/m2*h.

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