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The air flotation machine is a water treatment equipment that uses microbubbles to bring suspended matter in the water to the surface of the water. During operation, microbubbles are generated when sewage comes into contact with air. These bubbles combine with the suspended solids, causing them to float to the surface, and then scrape off the foam layer to achieve purification.

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What is air flotation machine?

There are generally three types of air flotation machines: vortex concave air flotation machine, dissolved air flotation machine and dispersed air flotation machine. Uniwin air flotation machine is generally used in the situation where the treatment effect is not strict and the removal effect is not high.

In contrast, the treatment effect of the dissolved air flotation machine is superior to that of the vortex concave air flotation machine, and the debugging of the dissolved air flotation machine is more convenient than other air flotation machines, which will save labor and save production costs and improve efficiency.

In terms of water supply and drainage, the water quality of pretreatment, except for some raw water with more sand and sewage with heavy mechanical impurities, is mostly light suspended particles.

For raw water, if the traditional sedimentation method is used, the effect will be very poor, especially in low temperature conditions in winter, due to the deterioration of coagulation and hydraulic conditions, the treatment effect is more difficult to guarantee, so it is necessary to use an air flotation machine for treatment in this case.

Dissolved air flotation

Introduction of air flotation machine

The dissolved air flotation (DAF) is mainly used for solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation. Through the air-dissolving and release system, a large number of fine air bubbles are generated in the water, making them adhere to the solid or liquid particles in the wastewater ,so that density is close to that of water, resulting in a state where the overall density is lower than that of water, and relying on buoyancy to make it rise to the water surface, thereby to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation.

Dissolved air flotation

Structure and working principle of air flotation machine

The working method of dissolved air flotation (DAF) units for wastewater treatment belongs to the pressurized dissolved air flotation method. Working principle of dissolved air flotation is to dissolve a large amount of air in water under certain conditions to form dissolved air water. A large number of fine air bubbles adhere to the “alum flower” in the wastewater after the coagulation reaction, making the floc float up, and the scum and slick oil are scraped off by a special scraping device to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation.

Dissolved air flotation machine working principle display

Features and advantages of dissolved air flotation machine

Large processing capacity, high efficiency, and less land occupation.

The process and equipment are simple in structure, easy to use and maintain.

Can eliminate sludge bulking.

Aeration into the water during air flotation has obvious effects on removing surfactants and odors in the water. At the same time, the aeration increases the dissolved oxygen in the water, which provides favorable conditions for subsequent treatment.

For water sources with low temperature, low turbidity, and a lot of algae, the best effect can be achieved by using the air flotation method.

The efficient adsorption of microbubbles and suspended particles improves the removal effect of SS.

It can effectively remove grease, glue formation, suspended particles and fibers in sewage, reduce COD, BOD, SS and other sewage pollutants in sewage, and can obviously change the color of water quality at the same time.

Application of dissolved air flotation machine

Algae in lakes, reservoirs and some rivers;

Plant residues and fine colloidal impurities;

Dye granules in the printing and dyeing industry;

Short fibers in papermaking and chemical fiber industries;

Droplets of petroleum and organic solvents in oil refining and chemical industries;

Heavy metal ions in electroplating and pickling wastewater;

Electrophoretic paint wastewater, etc.; are light particles whose specific gravity is very close to that of water.

Air flotation

Precautions and daily maintenance of dissolved air flotation machine

Once the liquid level of the tank is adjusted, it should be maintained and should not be adjusted frequently.

Clean water pumps, air compressors, and foam scrapers should be lubricated regularly. Generally, air compressors are oiled once every two months, and oil should be changed every six months. Lubricate the bearings, chains, sprockets, gears, racks, and slides regularly (about ten days), and carry out inspections every three months.

The air flotation tank should be cleaned regularly depending on the amount of sediment.

Regularly check whether the safety valve on the dissolved air tank works reliably.

When the releaser is blocked, the vacuum valve can be opened to open the tongue of the releaser, and it can be cleaned by itself with clean water to flush out the blockage.

DAF ModelQm3/hInletOutletSludgeVentPhysical Dimensions(m)L/L1 WW1 H/H1Weight(Kg)OperatingWeight(Kg)
DAF-0033DN50DN50DN100DN1003.7/2.8 2.4/1.16 2.2/1.715005000
DAF-0055DN80DN80DN100DN804/3 2.4/1.16 2.2/1.716007000
DAF-01010DN100DN100DN100DN1004.65/3.8 2.7/1.36 2.4/1.9200012000
DAF-01515DN125DN100DN150DN1005.6/4.5 2.9/1.66 2.5/2220018000
DAF-02020DN150DN150DN150DN1005.9/4.8 3.2/1.96 2.5/2300022000
DAF-03030DN150DN150DN150DN1006.8/5.5 3.2/2.16 2.7/2.2380032000
DAF-04040DN200DN150DN150DN1008/6.7 3.6/2.6 2.7/2.2500045000
DAF-05050DN200DN150DN150DN1008.4/7 3.6/2.6 2.7/2.2550055000
DAF-06060DN250DN200DN150DN1009.9/8.4 3.8/2.8 2.9/2.4600066000
DAF-07070DN250DN200DN150DN10010.4/9 3.8/2.8 2.9/2.4650075000
DAF-08080DN250DN250DN150DN10010.8/9.4 4/3 2.9/2.47500100000
DAF-100100DN300DN250DN150DN10012.1/10.6 4.2/3.2 2.9/2.49000110000
DAF-120120DN300DN250DN150DN10012.5/11.4 4.4/3.4 2.9/2.410000130000

Production workshop of Uniwin

workshop of Uniwin

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