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Belt conveyor also known as belt conveyor, is widely used in various industries such as home appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, tobacco, injection molding, post and telecommunications, printing, food, etc., for the assembly, testing, debugging, packaging and transportation of objects, etc. .


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Introduction of belt conveyor

The belt conveyor is used for supporting facilities of urban sewage dewatering machines, and its function is to transport dewatered sludge, various lumps, granules and other bulk materials from filter press, vaccum belt filter press. Applicable to chemical industry, metallurgy, coal mine, hydropower, building materials and other industries.

belt conveyor

The structure and working principle of belt conveyor

Continuous trough belt type, the material falls onto the belt conveyor from the grille or the discharge port of the dehydrator, driven by the electric drum, the material moves from one end to the other end, and the end is connected with the trash can, and then processed separately.

The driving part is oil-cooled electric drum, and the driving device is integrated with the drum. It has beautiful appearance, reasonable design, convenient installation, small footprint and easy maintenance.

The spiral tensioning device not only has the function of tensioning the belt, but also ensures the safe, reliable and effective operation of the belt conveyor.

The slag scraper at the discharge port can prevent the return belt conveyor from adhering to the material, so that the material can be completely conveyed in place.

The material of the belt conveyor  is four-layer wire rubber; and it adopts metal joints, which is easy to clean, corrosion-resistant and has a long service life.

There are slag blocking plates on both sides of the upper groove-shaped upper support rod to ensure the safe transportation of materials.



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