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Fiber disc filters utilize a rotating fiber disc to filter suspended solids from water. When the water flow passes through the turntable with fine fibers, the suspended solids are intercepted by the fibers and adhere to them. As the turntable rotates, the attached dirt will be moved above the water line and then removed with a scraper or other means. In this way, the water treated by the turntable becomes clearer, achieving effective filtration and purification.

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The introduction of fiber rotary disc filter

Fiber rotary disc filter is a device used in industrial production water, urban sewage and initial rainwater treatment to remove suspended solids. It consists of equipment  , multiple filter discs, backwashing device, sludge discharge device, control system and so on.

fiber rotary disc filter


The structure of fiber rotary disc filter

The fiber rotary disc filter consists of steel framework cabinet box, filter disc, anti-suction mechanism, central cylinder, transmission mechanism, electrical control, pump, valves and pipelines.

fiber rotary disc filter

Fiber rotary disc filter

Filter disc: One circle plate is composed of six fan-shaped frames, and each fan-shaped filter disc is attached with a filter cloth, which can filter out dregs in the water. Reasonable structure makes it easy to disassemble and install the filter cloth.

Suction mechanism: It is composed of sludge suction box, pipeline, sludge suction box bracket parts and so on. It is used for suction and flushing of filter discs and filter cloths.

Central tube (shaft): The treated water (or reclaimed water) flows into the outlet water collection area through the hollow tube after treatment. The hollow tube can not only transport the treated water but also rotate to drive the filter cloth, filter disc to rotate for back suction .

Rotating mechanism: composed of reducer, sprocket chain, used to drive the central tube and filter disc to rotate.

Electrical system: composed of electric enclosure box, PLC, liquid level float and other electric control components, used for backwashing and sludge discharge, automatic operation, and adjustable backwashing operation time, interval time and sludge discharge time.

Pump valve and pipeline: It is composed of self-priming pump, pipeline and electric valve, which are used for back suction and mud discharge.

fiber rotary disc filter



The working process of fiber rotary disc filter

First, the raw water enters the main body filter, and the suspended solids and cement in the water are intercepted and adsorbed by the filter cloth of the filter plate, and the filter cloth is made of micron-scale fibers. It has the characteristics of device, large filter tank, low sewage discharge, continuous filtration and low filter cloth.

When the set value is reached, the backwash signal is triggered and enters the backwash stage. The backwash control of the device is composed of timing double controls. The inner clean water washes the filter cloth from the inside to the outside.

As the filter disc rotates, the suspended matter captured by the filter cloth is removed, and the entire filter disc is cleaned. After the backwashing is completed, the backwashing valve is closed and the sludge discharge valve is opened, and the sludge at the bottom is sucked out through the perforated pipe under negative pressure.

During backwashing and sludge discharge, the device is still in continuous filtering state. When the mud discharge is over, the device returns to the static filtering state.

The device can be connected to the Internet of things, obtain operating data in real time, feedback faults, and realize unattended and remote control. Fiber rotary disc filters have been widely used in circulating water filtration, urban sewage plants, advanced treatment and other fields.

fiber rotary disc filter



The advantage of fiber rotary disc filter

High-efficiency filtration: The fiber turntable can effectively remove suspended solids and solid particles through the combination of filter cloth and filter residue layer. The fine pores of the filter cloth can filter out tiny particles, while the filter residue layer can further intercept larger particles. This combined filtration approach enables highly efficient water treatment and solid particle separation.

Large processing capacity: Fiber turntable equipment usually has a larger processing capacity and can handle large amounts of water or wastewater. Its disc structure and continuous rotation make efficient use of processing capacity and can accommodate high-flow and high-burden processing requirements.

Automated operation: The fiber turntable usually has an automated operation control system, which can automatically run and clean according to the set parameters and conditions. This reduces manual intervention and monitoring, and increases processing stability and reliability.

Low energy consumption and maintenance cost: The energy consumption of fiber turntable equipment is relatively low, because it mainly relies on gravity and mechanical movement to realize the filtration and cleaning process, and does not require additional energy input. In addition, the fine pores of the filter cloth can be maintained by cleaning, which is relatively easy to maintain and maintain, and reduces maintenance costs.

Small footprint: The fiber turntable has a compact design and occupies a relatively small footprint. This makes it an advantage in places where space is limited, allowing for flexible installation and arrangement.

In general, the fiber turntable has the advantages of high efficiency, large processing capacity, automatic operation, low energy consumption and low maintenance cost, and small footprint in water treatment and wastewater treatment, making it a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment.

fiber rotary disc filter

The application of fiber rotary disc filter

Industrial wastewater treatment: Fiber turntable can be used for solid-liquid separation and removal of suspended solids in industrial wastewater. It is suitable for various industrial industries, such as textile, food processing, chemical industry, electronics, pharmaceuticals, etc., and can treat wastewater containing suspended particles, sediment or high turbidity.

Tap water treatment: The fiber turntable can be used in the pretreatment link of tap water treatment to remove suspended solids, turbid substances and particulate matter in the water. This helps improve the quality of tap water, reduces the burden on subsequent treatment processes, and ensures a clean and safe water supply.

Agricultural irrigation water treatment: In agricultural irrigation systems, fiber turntables can be used to treat impurities and suspended solids in irrigation water sources, prevent blockage of irrigation equipment, protect crops from particulate matter, and improve the quality of irrigation water.

Swimming pool water treatment: The fiber turntable can be used for swimming pool water treatment to remove suspended solids, bacteria and particles in the pool water to ensure the clarity, transparency, sanitation and safety of the swimming pool water.

Municipal sewage treatment: The fiber turntable can be used in the primary treatment process of municipal sewage treatment plants to remove suspended solids and solid particles in sewage, reduce the load of subsequent treatment units, and improve the overall treatment effect.

Water source purification: The fiber turntable can be applied to the purification of water sources such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs, and Improve the quality and safety of water sources.

ModelCapacity(DS-kg/h)Main shaft specification Quantity x diameter(mm)Equipment size Length x width x height (mm)
DL1316--111 x 1302220 x 770 x 1400
DL13212----202 × 1302220 x 950 x 1400
1L13324----303 × 1302220 x 1300 x 1400
DL2019----151 x 2002240 x 780 x 1400
DL20218----302 × 2002440 x 1000 x 1400
DL20327----453 x 2002440 x 1450 x 1500
DL30136----501 x 3002600 x 940 x 1500
DL30272----1002 x 3002600 x 1400 x 1500
DL303108----1503×3002600 x 1980 x 1500

Precautions for using fiber rotary disc filter

Regular cleaning: After the fiber turntable is used for a period of time, a large amount of suspended solids and particles will accumulate. Regular cleaning can keep the filter cloth in good working condition. Regular monthly cleaning is recommended. The frequency of cleaning depends on water quality and usage.

Properly control the water quality: the fiber turntable has certain requirements on the water quality, and the water should be pretreated as much as possible before use to ensure that the water quality meets the equipment requirements. If the water contains a large amount of colloidal substances or high concentrations of particulate matter, it may cause the filter cloth to be clogged or reduce the filtering effect.

Check the filter cloth regularly: evaluate the filtering effect of the filter cloth by observing the color of the filter cloth and the effect after cleaning. If it is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

Pay attention to water level control: too high or too low water level will affect the normal operation of the equipment, and avoid the submerged or anhydrous state of the water outlet of the water pump or the outlet of the filter cloth.

Pay attention to safe operation: personnel should avoid contacting with filter cloth or rotating parts during operation.

Follow the operation manual: Be sure to read and understand the operation content before using the equipment, operating and maintaining according to the requirements.

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