Automatic Quick Opening Filter Press

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Style: Quick opening filter press
Plate moving method: Pull the filter plate open at one time
Degree of automation: Fully automatic
Usage: solid-liquid separation

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Introduction of quick opening filter press

The high-efficiency quick opening filter press is a fully automatic filter press equipment. Each filter plate is connected through a chain so that all the filter plates can be opened at one time. It has the characteristics of fast feeding and fast plate unloading and is designed to Improve the efficiency and convenience of filtration operations. These devices are commonly used to separate solids and liquids to handle various types of suspended materials and liquid mixtures.

quick opening filter press

Fast Opening Filter Press Working principle

1. The liquid mixture to be treated is introduced into the filtration device of a high-efficiency quick-opening filter press.
2. The liquid passes through the filter cloth, while the solid particles are retained on the filter cloth to form a solid filter cake.
3. During the filtration process, liquid is separated and collected to form filtrate.
4. Once filtration is complete, the automatic plate unloading system will quickly remove the solid filter cake, making it available for further processing or disposal.

quick opening filter press

The main features of automatic quick open filter press

Fast feeding: The high-efficiency quick-opening filter press is designed to quickly introduce the liquid mixture to be treated into the filtration device to speed up the start of the filtration process.
Fast plate unloading: These equipment are equipped with an automatic plate unloading system, which can quickly unload the solid filter cake after filtration, saving time and manpower.
Fully automatic operation: High-efficiency quick opening filter presses are usually fully automatic, including steps such as filtration, flushing, dehydration, and cleaning, reducing operator intervention.
High-efficiency filtration: Due to its automation and fast operation, this equipment can process large quantities of materials in a short time, improving production efficiency.
Save time and labor: Automation and fast operations can significantly reduce processing time, thereby reducing labor and time costs.
Suitable for a variety of applications: High-efficiency quick-opening filter presses are suitable for various types of liquids and suspended substances, including the chemical industry, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, mining, sewage treatment, and other fields.

quick opening filter press

Quick opening filter press maintenance

1. Regular cleaning: It is very important to clean the filter plate and filter cloth regularly to prevent clogging and maintain filtration efficiency.
2. Check seals: Make sure all sealing parts, such as sealing rings and gaskets, are in good condition.
3. Lubrication: Apply appropriate lubricants where needed to ensure smooth operation of moving parts such as hydraulic cylinders, moving parts, etc.
4. Check the control system: Regularly check and maintain the control system to ensure the normal operation of electronic components, sensors and automation parts.
5. Replace consumables: Replace filter cloth regularly.
6. Maintenance Records: Maintain maintenance records documenting maintenance activities, replacement parts and repair history.
7. Regular inspections: Regular comprehensive inspections, including hydraulic systems, electrical systems, filtration systems, etc., to ensure the overall performance of the equipment.

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