Russian Customer Visited Our Factory for Belt Filter

Russian Customer Visited Our Factory for Belt Filter

On 29th February 2024, customers from Russia came to our factory to see the belt filter.

The person who came to visit our factory this time was the purchasing manager of a Russian company that provides mining equipment to customers. The purpose of this visit was to find a suitable belt filter for treating coal tailings, a critical component in their mining operations.

The belt filter is crucial in processing tailings in coal mines. Able to effectively manage the by-products of mining operations, particularly the separation of solids and liquids in coal tailings. It minimizes the environmental impact of mining waste and helps extract usable materials from tailings. The belt filter, such as the DNY belt filter, provides a reliable and effective solution for these complex and demanding industrial applications.

customer visiting

The day’s activities include detailed tours of the machines, introductions, and technical discussions. Our team demonstrated the operational capabilities of the DNY belt filter press, emphasizing its durability and suitability for coal tailings treatment. The visiting managers had extensive experience in mining equipment and had in-depth discussions on customization to meet specific mining requirements.

In the production workshop, our customer engaged in in-depth discussions with our technical team, toured our manufacturing facilities, and notably praised our production methods and the quality of our products. Additionally, he offered valuable suggestions and expressed his expectations for future cooperation.

customer visiting

The customer also visited the production workshop of the filter press and filter plate.

customer visiting for the movable filter press

filter plate customer visiting

This visit was not only a potential collaboration opportunity but also an opportunity for knowledge exchange. The discussion delves into the technical of coal tailings processing and how our technology can adapt to different mining scenarios.

After the visit, the customer was very satisfied with our service and trusted our team and technology. At the same time, he gave great recognition to our products and hoped that we could reach cooperation in the future.

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