The Application of the Plate and Frame Filter Press in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Application of the Plate and Frame Filter Press in the Pharmaceutical Industry

What is a plate and frame filter press

A Plate and Frame Filter Press is a mechanical device that separates solid-liquid mixtures. Its working principle is to pump materials into the machine to evenly distribute solids in the filter chamber until they are filled. Solids accumulate on the filter cloth, forming filter cakes. The filtrate flows out of the filter plate through the corner opening and enters the manifold, producing clean filtered water. Filter presses are widely used in mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking, food, alcohol, inorganic salts, coal washing, dyes, and sewage treatment.

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Introduction to pharmaceutical wastewater

The wastewater from the manufacture of Chinese medicinal materials is mainly generated in the process of raw material washing, drug extraction,and washing. The main characteristics of this kind of wastewater are high concentrations of organic pollutants, high content of suspended solids, high chroma, and complex and diverse types of biochemical inhibitors. Once it enters the surrounding environmental water bodies, it will cause great pollution to rivers, lakes, etc.

Application of plate and frame filter press in the pharmaceutical industry

Firstly, the filter press can be used for filtering traditional Chinese medicine residue and liquid, improving the efficiency of residue treatment. The dehydration treatment of traditional Chinese medicine residue generally adopts a belt filter press, and the dehydrated traditional Chinese medicine residue can be used for production and processing in various processes, such as mixed fermentation or direct mixed drying granulation.


Secondly, the filter press can also be applied to the decolorization and decarbonization of pharmaceutical liquids. The multi-pass plate and frame filter press is an improvement in the structure of the plate and frame filter press, combined with polypropylene microporous filter membrane as the filtering medium, to make up for the shortcomings of the plate and frame filter press when filtering some difficult to filter materials.

It not only maintains the advantages of a large filtration area and fast filtration speed of the plate and frame filter press but also improves the quality of the filtrate, simplifies the cleaning processes of the frame removal, and significantly improves the filtration efficiency. This equipment is suitable for processes where the particle size of the treated filter residue varies greatly, the filtration effect is required to be high, or the filter residue content in the mother liquor is low, but the value of the filter residue is high.

The Application of the Plate and Frame Filter Press in the Pharmaceutical Industry


In short, the filter press is a machine that uses pressure to separate solid-liquid mixtures. It has various types and can adapt to different filtration needs. It has a wide range of applications and can provide efficient, environmentally friendly, and resource-based solutions for various industries. It has huge market potential and can contribute to national economic development and social progress.

In the future, the filter press industry will face more opportunities and challenges, and it is necessary to continuously strengthen technological innovation and industrial upgrading, improve product quality and competitiveness, and meet market demand and social expectations.

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