The trend of filter press development

The trend of filter press development

1,The working principle of filter press.

The principle of press dewatering is under the help of pump or compressed air,separates the slurry (solid and liquid composed) through the function of filtering media and the pressure difference.

At present,the pressing equipment widely used in domestic and overseas coal preparation plants are recessed filter press and belt filter press.In coal mine,it is usually recessed type filter press.

Since the first use of recessed filter press in coal preparation plant in 1965,there have been over 4000 sets filter press in use.the filter press helps a lot in the coal slime plant recycling,washing water recycling and the environment protection.

There are 4 steps of the development of the filter press:

1,First generation of filter press:

The filter press with the above characteristics are first generation filter is suitable for coal of high ash content,small granularity,high viscosity and flotation tailings.The moisture of the product is 20-22%,the density of the filtrate is 0.1-0.003 g/l.

The disadvantages of this kind filter press are:
1,Capacity is small,batch operation,long filtering cycling time.
2,The frame is heavy and ponderous,occupys large space.
3,Complex operation,high running cost.
4,Short life time of filter cloth and filter plates,too much maintance.

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