Membrane Filter Press Application in Municipal sludge treatment

Membrane Filter Press Application in Municipal sludge treatment

This article introduces the application of membrane filter press in Municipal sludge treatment, the membrane filter press can get good filtering result for Municipal wastewater, it saves the filtering time a lot and can get dryer filter cakes.

Membrane Filter Press
Membrane Filter Press

Membrane Filter Press A membrane filter press is a filter press that uses a membrane plate in combination with an ordinary filter plate. It uses additional pressure for secondar...

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Introduction to Municipal Sludge Treatment

With the continuous improvement of the urbanization process and the level of industrialization, urban water consumption continues to increase, and urban sewage also increases. At the same time, with the large-scale construction of urban sewage treatment plants, the generated sludge has become a new source of environmental pollution. These sludges generally have the characteristics of high water content, low organic matter content, and excessive heavy metals. Discharge into the environment will cause secondary water and air pollution, so the deep dehydration of these sludges has become one of the key research topics.

filter cakes from sludge treatment

The working principle of membrane filter press

The chamber-type membrane filter press is used for deep dehydration of sludge, which can form sludge filter cake with low moisture content and realize sludge reduction. Chamber diaphragm filter press has the advantages of high pressing pressure, good corrosion resistance, convenient maintenance, safety and reliability, etc. It is the first choice for industries such as metallurgy, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, food, brewing, and sludge.

The working principle of the membrane filter press is:

  1. Ordinary chamber filter plates and membrane filter plates are arranged alternately to form a filter chamber, and the sludge slurry is input into the filter chamber under the pressure of the feed pump, and the sludge slurry is filtered.
  2. The solids and liquids in the slurry are separated by conveying through the filter cloth. The solid particles in the sludge slurry are trapped in the filter chamber to form a filter cake.
  3. If the filter cake needs to be washed, the filter cake can be washed with washing water from the washing port on the thrust plate; compressed air can also be supplied through the washing port. The air blows out part of the moisture in the filter cake through the filter cake layer. After the feed is terminated, compressed air or high-pressure water is introduced into the extrusion port, and the membrane filter plate rotates the membrane to reduce the volume of the filter chamber, compact the filter cake, and further reduce the water content of the filter cake.

The high-pressure membrane filter press is used in sludge treatment, and the minimum moisture content of the filter cake is below 40%. Compared with the traditional belt filter press, the maximum solid content of the filter cake is increased by more than 2 times.


In a word, compared with other sludge dewatering equipment, the membrane filter press has the advantages of strong processing capacity per unit area, low energy consumption, and low water content of sludge filter cake, and is more and more widely used in the sewage treatment industry.

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