Chemical Dosing Pump

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Flow Range: 0-500 L/H
Pressure Range: 0-1.0 MPA
Motor Power: 370W, 220V / 380V / 420V / 110V, 50/60Hz
Drive System: two-phase, three-phase motor, or explosion-proof motor
Protection Level: IP55
Working Conditions Ambient Temperature: -30℃ — 80℃

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Introduction of Chemical Dosing Pump

Chemical Dosing pump, also known as polymer metering pump, is a commonly used equipment in filter presses and is usually used in conjunction with dosing equipment. It is a pump used to distribute a specific amount of fluid and measure flow control. For example, in the filter press industry, it is used to pump flocculants such as PAM and PAG into the materials to be treated to achieve simple separation.

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Chemical Dosing Pump

Metering Pump Types

Plunger Metering Pump: Central to a plunger metering pump’s liquid end is a durable plunger crafted from coated stainless steel. Movement of the plunger into the dosing head prompts the suction valve to close, leading to the expulsion of chemicals from the dosing head via a discharge valve. Reversing the plunger’s direction causes the discharge valve to shut and the chemical to enter the dosing head through the suction valve.

plunger metering pump

Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump: This pump operates using a supple diaphragm instead of a piston, altering the pump chamber’s volume to modulate the pressure exerted on the contained fluid. The plunger, attached to the diaphragm, propels the product into the primary water flow. The volume of the dispensed product correlates with the volume of the driving water at the output.

diaphragm metering pump

Mechanical Diaphragm Metering Pump: In this pump, the diaphragm links directly to the plunger mechanism, eliminating the need for a hydraulic oil system. The plunger’s to-and-fro motion directly induces the diaphragm’s corresponding deformations.

Mechanical diaphragm metering pump

Corrugated Tube Metering Pump: Similar in design to the mechanical diaphragm metering pump, this variant features a corrugated tube instead of a diaphragm attached to the plunger’s end. The reciprocating motion of the plunger stretches and compresses the corrugated tube, thereby altering the liquid cylinder’s volume to facilitate infusion and metering.

Corrugated tube metering pump

Chemical Dosing Pump Working Principle

A chemical dosing pump functions by drawing a specified quantity of liquid into its chamber and then injecting this chemical into a tank or pipe where containing the fluid being metered.. This pump operates with an electric motor or an air actuator and includes a controller that activates and deactivates the pump, as well as regulates the flow rate.

Chemical Metering Pump Diagram

Metering Pump Diagram

How to select the polymer metering pump model?

1. The flow of the liquid.

2. Critical properties of the liquid being measured, including its chemical corrosiveness, viscosity, and specific gravity.

3. The back pressure of the system.

4. The suitable suction height.

5. Additional requirements include analog control, pulse control, flow monitoring, and a timer.

Installation of Dosing Chemical Pump

Installation of dosing pump

Applications of Chemical Dosing Pump

1. The pump can transport a range of highly toxic, flammable, and volatile liquids, including media at higher temperatures, as well as various strong acids, alkalis, and corrosive substances.

2. Dosing pump for wastewater treatment (combined with polymer dosing system)

3. It serves as a pre-pressure supply device for various filter presses and for the recovery and circulation of hot water;

4. Seed device shaft grout cement grout mortar mud;

5. Pump paint, gum, and pigment adhesive;

6. The metering pump cleans out tankers and barges and absorbs sewage and remaining oil in the warehouse;

metering pump


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