Diaphragm Pump for Filter Press

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Model: QBY type
Style: Chemical pump
Discharge diameter: 50mm
Drive mode: Pneumatic
Flow: 0~30m³/hm³/h
Lift: 0~50m

Product Details

Introduction of Diaphragm Pump for Filter Press

QBY series pneumatic diaphragm pump is a new type of conveying machinery and a novel type of pump in China. Powered by compressed air from an air compressor, this pump can handle a wide range of liquids, from corrosive and particle-laden to highly viscous, volatile, flammable, and extremely toxic ones. Especially in the context of filter press operations, where the separation of solids and liquids is crucial, this pump proves invaluable.

Pneumatic diaphragm pumps are available in cast iron, stainless steel, PP, and other materials and can be selected according to different needs.

diaphragm pump

Diaphragm pumps use nitrile rubber, chloroprene rubber, fluorine rubber, and polytetrafluoroethylene according to different liquid media, making them adaptable for various filter press applications. To meet the needs of different users, they can be tailored. Since the pump was put into production, it has been adopted by more than a thousand domestic petroleum, chemical, electronic, ceramic, textile, paint, and pharmaceutical machinery system units. It is installed on special occasions and used to pump various media that conventional pumps cannot handle. As a result, it’s becoming the ideal product to replace the gear pump in filter press systems, achieving satisfactory results.

diaphragm pump

Production Parameter

ModelFlow(m 3 /h)Lift(m)Outlet pressure(kgf/cm 2)suction lift(m)Allowable particle diameter(mm)Air supply pressure(kbf/cm 2)Air supply consumption(m 3 /min)


Installation Size Chart

diaphragm pump installation dimension drawing

ModelABCDHH1H2Air inlet outer diameterWeight(kg)


Main Character of the Diaphragm Pump

1. The system eliminates the need for irrigation and water diversion, boasting a suction lift of up to 7m, a head reaching 50m, and an outlet pressure of ≥6kgf/cm2.
2. It offers a broad flow and impressive passing capability, accommodating particles as large as 10mm in diameter. The pump experiences minimal wear even when handling mud and impurities.
3. By adjusting the air valve opening, both lift and flow rates can be seamlessly modified.
4. With no rotating components or shaft seal, the diaphragm fully isolates the transported medium from the pump’s moving and working parts, ensuring zero leakage.
5. The system operates without electricity, making it safe and dependable in areas prone to fire or explosions.
6. It’s designed to function even when submerged in media.
7. The pump is user-friendly, operates reliably, and features self-protective mechanisms.
8. Its design is straightforward, with minimal wear-prone components, facilitating easy maintenance.

diaphragm pump

Filter Press Diaphragm Pumps Using Guidelines:

1. The QBY aluminum alloy pneumatic diaphragm pump has minimal vibration, so foot bolt installation is typically unnecessary.
2. Contaminants in the compressed air can hinder the pump’s startup. Consider installing a pneumatic triplex to prevent this.
3. For mediums prone to freezing, place a valve at the pump’s inlet. Close this valve before stopping the pump, then run the pump for several minutes to clear the medium. This ensures smooth operation during the next startup.
4. When changing the diaphragm, ensure the wrist connecting rod and lead sleeve are clean. Avoid damaging the white PTFE sealing ring. Reinstall as originally set up for continued use.

Industry Applications:

Chemical Industry: Handles acids, alkalis, solvents, and suspended solids.
Petrochemicals: Suitable for crude oil, heavy oil, lubricants, mud, sludge, and more.
Paint & Coatings: Processes resins, solvents, pigments, and paints.
Ceramics: Manages mud, porcelain mix, lime, and clay slurries.
Mining: Efficient for coal slurry, magma, mud, mortar, and lubricating oils.
Water Treatment: Deals with sewage, various chemicals, and wastewater.
Beverage Production: Ideal for yeast, syrups, concentrates, wines, and juices.
Pharmaceuticals: Compatible with diverse pharmaceutical liquids, including solvents, acids, alkalis, and plasma.
Textiles: Processes dye chemicals, resins, and adhesives.

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Finished product workshop

Finished product workshop


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