Corrosion-resistant and Wear-resistant Mortar Pump for Filter Press

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Concentration: ≤50%

Particle diameter: ≤40 mesh

Operating temperature: -20℃~95℃

Applications: Acid, alkali, salt, oil, food and beverage, alcohol, organic solvent and other liquids


Product Details

Introduction of Corrosion-resistant and Wear-resistant Mortar Pump

UHB-ZK corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant mortar pump is a pump specifically tailored for filter press applications. Designed as a cantilever, single-stage, single-suction centrifugal pump, it is constructed with steel-lined ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. This globally recognized next-generation material offers unparalleled corrosion and wear resistance.
When integrated with a filter press system, this pump excels in handling a diverse range of media, including acids, alkalis, salts, strong oxidants, and organic solvents. It can manage these media regardless of their concentration, provided the temperature stays below 100 degrees and the solid content remains under 40% (encompassing both hard and soft particles). This makes it an ideal choice for ensuring consistent and efficient slurry feed to the filter press, optimizing the separation process.

Corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant mortar pump

Corrosion-resistant and Wear-resistant Mortar Pumps Parameter

ModelFlow(m3/h)Lift(m)Speed(r/min)Power(kw)Inlet and outlet diameter (mm×mm)Weight(kg)
Shaft powerEquipped with motor
80UHB-ZK-40-404040145014.818.580 x 65750
100UHB-ZK-50-11501114504.25.5100 x 80370
125UHB-ZK-120-2012020290017.218.5125 x 100480
150UHB-ZK-180-1418014145028.230150 x 125950
200UHB-ZK-215-102151098015.618.5200 x 1501200
250UHB-ZK-400-3040030145070.875250 x 2001300
300UHB-ZK-700-40700401450139.2160300 x 2502300
Please consult us for more models

Filter Press Mortar Pump Model Definition

For example, UHB-ZK 50/20-30
UHB: High molecular weight polyethylene pump code
ZK: Z impurity mortar, K semi-open impeller
50: The pump inlet diameter is 50mm
20: Pump flow 20m/h
30: Pump head 30mm
Installation dimensions
Installation dimension drawing

Installation Size Chart

mortar pump installation dimension drawing

ModelAppearance and installation dimensionsImport flange sizeOutlet flange size


Operational Guidelines:

Prior to initiating a test run, manually rotate the coupling to ensure its flexibility and verify the correct direction of rotation.
Activate the inlet valve to introduce the liquid. If the pump isn’t pre-filled to the required level, ensure it’s filled with the liquid.
Establish a connection for the shaft’s cooling water.
Power on the motor to activate the pump, and promptly open the discharge valve.
To shut down, begin by closing the discharge valve, followed by disconnecting the power. Finally, cease the cooling water supply to the seal.

Maintenance Tips:

Regularly monitor the temperature increase of both the pump and motor. Periodically change the lubricant in the bearing housing and replace any worn-out components.
If the pump is to remain inactive for an extended period, ensure its internal flow path is cleaned and disconnect the power. In colder climates, take measures to prevent freezing.
Maintain the cleanliness of the pump exterior and ensure the motor remains dry.
Avoid running the pump dry or operating it in reverse.


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