Filter Plate for Filter Press

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Usage: Filter press

Specifications: Customizable

Material: Polypropylene, Stainless steel, Cast iron

Performance: Acid resistance, Alkali resistance, High pressure

Application: Food, metallurgy, chemical industry, mineral processing, petroleum, etc.

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Filter Plate for Filter Press

A filter plate is a crucial component used in the solid-liquid separation process within a filter press machine. These plates are crafted from various materials, including polypropylene, stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum, and are available in diverse shapes and sizes tailored to meet specific application needs and filtration requirements. Types of filter plates include plate and frame, chamber, membrane, stainless steel, cast iron, gasketed, and round filter plates, among others.

In water treatment, the filter plate serves a vital role. The performance and durability of the filter plate significantly influence the quality and quantity of water filtered, as well as the operational efficiency of water and sewage treatment facilities. The following are some common filter plates.

Plate and Frame Filter Plate

Plate and frame filter plates are common filter plate designs that are widely used in various solid-liquid separation processes. This filter plate design is known for its simple yet effective construction. Plate and frame filter plates consist of a series of parallel plates and frames in which filter cloth or other filter media is sandwiched between the plates and frames. When the filter plate is assembled and pressurized, the liquid to be treated passes through the filter media, and the solid particles are trapped on the surface of the filter cloth, thereby achieving solid-liquid separation.

plate and frame filter plate

In addition, plate and frame filter plates can be customized according to different industrial needs, including material selection (such as polypropylene, stainless steel, etc.) to adapt to different operating conditions and media characteristics. Due to its efficient filtration performance, plate and frame filter plates are widely used in many industries, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, and wastewater treatment.

Recessed Chamber Filter Plate

The recessed chamber filter plate is based on the advancement of the plate and frame structure, and its operation method is the same as the filter press process of the plate and frame system. Since the chamber filter plate integrates the plate and frame, the structure gains considerable stability. This means that the recessed chamber filter plate can be applied to high-pressure filtration up to 5.0MPa.

recessed chamber filter plate

The recessed filter plate is a cheap and efficient basic filtration equipment suitable for filtration processes that require low solid content in the filter cake. Uniwin can supply chamber filter plates in various sizes with open-flow or hidden-flow filtrate discharge.

Membrane Filter Plate

The membrane filter plate consists of two membranes and a central core plate. Water or compressed air is introduced into the chamber between the core plate and the membranes, causing the membranes to expand and compress the filter chamber formed with the box filter plate, thus enhancing the solid content. The membranes, being the primary moving components, are prone to deformation and damage due to repeated movements.

membrane filter plate

Diaphragm filter plates are categorized into rubber and polypropylene types. Typically, the membrane of a rubber membrane filter plate is embedded into the groove of the core plate, allowing for straightforward disassembly and replacement. This is facilitated by the rubber membrane’s high elasticity, making it less susceptible to damage. Conversely, the membrane of a polypropylene filter plate is usually welded into one piece, rendering the membrane irreplaceable once welded.

Gasketed Filter Plate

The gasketed filter plate is a new type of filter plate, which is molded with high-strength polypropylene at one time. A distinctive feature of this filter plate is the direct embedding of the filter membrane or cloth into the plate’s body. Typically, advanced sealing technology is employed to secure a firm attachment between the filter cloth and the filter plate, thereby preventing any leakage and misalignment of the filter material.

gasketed filter plate

The filter plate features two grooves, one on the inside and another on the outside. The outer groove is designed to accommodate a sealing strip, while the inner groove secures the sealed filter cloth in place. These two sealing strips ensure effective sealing of the filter plate. Once compressed, the filter chamber becomes airtight, preventing any leakage of liquids or emission of odors during the filtration and discharge processes. Gasketed filter presses are extensively employed in industries that handle corrosive and volatile substances, including pesticides, chemicals, strong acids, and strong alkalis.

Round Filter Plate

A round filter plate is a specific shape of filter plate that is usually used in special types of filtration equipment. This filter plate is suitable for applications in high-pressure environments due to its unique round design. The structural design of the circular filter plate optimizes the filtration area, allowing it to more effectively utilize the internal space of the equipment, thereby improving filtration efficiency.

round filter plate

This type of filter plate can be made of a variety of materials, such as polypropylene, stainless steel, or cast iron. The most appropriate material can be selected according to the use environment. Round filter plates are commonly used in beverage production, the pharmaceutical industry, and chemical processing, especially where high precision and high-efficiency filtration are required.

Stainless Steel Filter Plate

The stainless steel filter plate, integral to the filtering system, is predominantly used to filter materials such as activated carbon and diatomaceous earth. The stainless steel filter plate is composed of five layers of screens. The middle layer is a screen with larger pores and coarser wire diameters as a support, and two layers of finer screens are placed on both sides of the supporting screen. , the outermost layer is the core. The filter plays the main role in filtration. The assembly is crafted from a rolled stainless steel plate, with the five-layer mesh securely held together by rivets.

stainless steel filter plate

The main advantages of stainless steel filter plates include their extremely high durability, ease of cleaning and maintenance. This material is not easily damaged by most chemicals, giving it a distinct advantage when working with acids or alkalis. In addition, the smoothness of the stainless steel surface helps prevent material residue and microbial growth, ensuring the hygiene and safety of the filtration process.

Cast Iron Filter Plate

Cast iron is a heavy and durable metal used for filter plates in applications requiring high pressure and temperature. Cast iron filter plates are often used in difficult-to-process materials or high-temperature applications due to their excellent wear resistance and high-temperature resistance. This type of filter plate is particularly suitable for industrial applications that require high equipment durability, such as chemical industry, mining and wastewater treatment. Cast iron filter plates are generally designed to be stronger and can withstand higher operating pressures, making them excellent at handling larger or denser materials. At the same time, the physical properties of cast iron also ensure that the filter plate can maintain shape and dimensional stability during long-term use, thereby ensuring the consistency and reliability of the filtration effect.

cast iron filter plate


ItemModelOutside Diameter(mm)Inner Diameter(mm)Volume(mm)Plate Thickness(mm)Side-hole Diameter(mm)Central-hole Diameter(mm)Central-hole Thickness(mm)Weight(kg)
Plate & frame32038032030303513.5
Membrane plate87087077065501005538
Chamber plate(for membrane filter press)8708707703065501004038
Cast iron1000100035
Round Plate800810558425

Please consult us for more detailed parameters.

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