Horizontal Centrifugal Pump for Filter Press

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Type: ISW-type

Relative humidity: <95%

Ambient temperature: <40℃

Pump static pressure test pressure: 2.5Mpa

High working pressure of pump system: ≤1.6Mpa




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Introduction of Horizontal Centrifugal Pump for Filter Press

The ISW-type horizontal centrifugal pump, often utilized in filter press applications, is crafted from the unique structural amalgamation of the IS-type centrifugal pump and vertical pump. This pump is a highly efficient and energy-saving product, carefully crafted in accordance with the international standard ISO2858 and the revised national standard for pipeline centrifugal pumps, JB/T53058-93.
Leveraging advanced domestic hydraulic models, the pump undergoes optimization and design. Concurrently, based on varying operating temperatures and media, derivatives like hot water pumps, high-temperature pumps, chemical pumps, and oil pumps have been developed from the ISW type. These are now recognized as national standard products.

Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

ISW-type Horizontal Centrifugal Pump Structure Diagram

horizontal ccentrifugal pump structure

1. Inhalation chamber
2. Impeller
3. Pump body
4. Remove the pressure plug
5. Bleed plug
6. Mechanical seal
7. Pump cover
8. Pump shaft
9. Water retaining ring
10. Y series motor

Horizontal Centrifugal Pump Model Meaning

For example: ISW100-160(I)AB
ISW–horizontal centrifugal pump
100–nominal diameter of pump inlet and outlet (mm)
160–impeller nominal diameter (mm)
I–traffic classification
AB–impeller after the first and second cutting

Filter Press Centrifugal Pump Parameter

ModelCaliber (mm)Flow (m3/h)Flow (L/S)Lift(m)Efficiency(%)Speed(r/min)Motor power(KW)Required NPSH(r)

Please consult us for more models

Applications of ISW-type Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

1. The ISW-type pipeline centrifugal pump is designed for transporting clean water and other fluids that share similar physical and chemical characteristics with clean water. It’s ideal for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, high-rise building water pressurization, garden watering, fire system pressurization, and equipment integration. The maximum operating temperature is T: ≤80℃.
2. The ISWR (WRG) type pump, designed for hot water (high temperature) circulation, is extensively used in sectors like energy, metallurgy, chemicals, textiles, paper production, and hospitality. It facilitates the pressurized circulation of high-temperature hot water in boilers and urban heating systems. The ISWR has a maximum operating temperature of T: ≤120℃, while the WRG can operate up to T: ≤240℃.
3. The ISWH horizontal chemical pump is crafted to transport corrosive liquids without solid particles and with a viscosity akin to water. It’s apt for industries such as petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, power, paper, food, pharmaceuticals, and synthetic fibers. Its operating temperature range is T: -20℃ to 120℃.
4. The ISWB horizontal oil pump is specialized for transporting petroleum products like gasoline, diesel, and kerosene. It operates within a temperature range of T: -20℃ to 120℃.

Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps Installation

Installation diagram

1. Prior to installation, inspect the pump body thoroughly for any hard objects to prevent potential damage to the impeller and pump body when in use.
2. During installation, refrain from adding any pipeline management volume to the pump, as this could distort the pump and hinder its normal function.
3. Secure the anchor bolts firmly to avoid any vibration-induced disruptions to the pump’s performance upon startup.
4. Fit regulating valves to both the inlet and outlet pipelines of the pump. Additionally, position a pressure gauge close to the pump’s outlet to ensure the pump operates within its specified working parameters and maintains its proper function.
5. If a check valve is present in the discharge pipeline, it should be positioned beyond the gate valve.

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