What are the Quotation Details for Filter Press?

What are the Quotation Details for Filter Press?

The filter press is an important piece of equipment used to treat sludge at piling sites, tailings, and other areas. It can achieve solid-liquid separation. The liquid meets discharge standards or can be recycled. The sludge forms a mud cake for easy processing. When purchasing a filter press, everyone is often more concerned about the price of the equipment. This article will introduce the quotation details of the filter press and how to control the purchase cost.

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Filter Press Quotation Details

The basic price of equipment

There are many factors that affect the basic price of a sludge filter press, such as the type, brand, automation level, size specifications, etc. of the filter press. There are many types of filter presses, including plate and frame filter presses, membrane filter presses, stainless steel filter presses, chamber filter presses, etc. Different types of filter presses have differences in structure and working principles, so their prices will also be different;
The brand of the filter press is one of the important factors that affect the price. Well-known brands usually have higher reputations and quality, so the price is relatively higher. The degree of automation of filter presses can be divided into three types: manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. Fully automatic filter presses are usually more expensive; the size of the filter press affects its processing capacity and scope of application. Larger-sized filter presses usually The price is higher because its production costs and technical requirements are higher.

Transportation costs

Depending on your requirements and our suggestions, shipping methods may include land, sea, or air. The shipping method will directly affect the cost. Shipping costs depend on the distance and specific location of the filter press that needs to be shipped. The further the transportation distance and the more remote the location, the higher the transportation costs may be. Secondly, the weight and volume of the filter press will also affect shipping costs.

Installation fee

If you need installation, we can provide technicians to install and debug it for you. This includes the work required to install the filter press to the designated location and ensure its correct operation. This may involve infrastructure preparation, equipment assembly and installation, etc. After installation, the filter press needs to be debugged and tested to ensure its normal operation. This may require additional labor and time costs.


Sales tax may be included in the price quoted depending on your area’s tax regulations. Tax rates may vary by region.

Customization fee:

The customization fee may be listed separately or included in the quote if you have special customization needs, such as specific sizes, materials, or features.

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Methods to Control the Purchase Cost of Filter Press

  • Compare quotes from different suppliers: Before purchasing a sludge filter press, you should inquire from multiple suppliers and carefully compare the quotes from different suppliers, which will help you find a reasonable balance between price and performance.
  • Consider long-term costs: In addition to the initial price of the equipment, you also need to consider the long-term operating costs of the equipment, such as maintenance, energy consumption, and spare parts costs. Choosing equipment that can reduce long-term costs may be more conducive to cost control.
  • Choose the appropriate specifications and models: Select the appropriate specifications and models of sludge filter press according to the wastewater treatment process and needs. There is no need to pursue equipment that is too large or too complex to avoid unnecessary cost increases.
  • Negotiate Prices and Terms: Negotiate with suppliers for more favorable prices and contract terms. Sometimes, suppliers may be willing to offer discounts to win orders.
  • Consider equipment longevity and performance: Better quality equipment generally has a longer life and better performance, which can reduce subsequent repair and replacement costs. Therefore, its quality and performance should be considered when selecting equipment.

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In summary, the purchase of filter presses requires a careful comparison of quotations from different suppliers, selection of appropriate equipment specifications, and reasonable negotiation of prices and terms so as to effectively control procurement costs and improve the rationality and return on investment. Uniwin has been engaged in the filter press equipment industry for many years. It specializes in chamber filter presses, membrane filter presses, plate and frame filter presses, etc. It has mature technology, reasonable prices, good market feedback, and supports customization. Welcome to call us for consultation or visit the factory for inspection.

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