What is the Function of the Filter Press Drain Valve?

What is the Function of the Filter Press Drain Valve?

The filter press drain valve is also called the filter press faucet, liquid outlet pipe, and filter press water tap. The filter press faucets are classified into straight drain faucets, cock faucets, ball valve right-angle faucets, and ball valve bevel angled faucets, and other specifications are available in various specifications.

The water nozzle is a water outlet installed on both sides of the filter plate of the filter press. The pipeline switch is used to control the outflow of the filtrate in the filter chamber. It can control the opening and closing of the water nozzle to export the filtrate in the filter chamber of the filter press; when feeding materials are needed, closing the water nozzle switch on the washing plate can achieve the effect of feeding materials.

Filtrate discharge

The Operating Principle of the Filter Press Drain Valve

Drain valves are usually manually or electrically operated, depending on the degree of automation of the equipment. In manual operation mode, the operator controls the flow of filtrate by rotating the handle or lever of the drain valve to open or close the valve. In automated mode, the drain valve may be integrated with the filter press’s control system to automatically open or close according to a preset program to achieve accurate filtrate discharge control.

Straight Drain Faucet

Straight drain faucet

Cock Faucet 

cock faucet

Ball Valve Right-Angle Faucet 

Ball valve right angle faucet

Ball Valve Bevel Angled Faucet

Ball valve bevel angled faucet

The Function of The Filter Press Drain Cock

Filtrate discharge control: The main function of the filter press drain cock is to control the discharge of filtrate from the filter plate of the filter press. During the filtration process, the filtrate after liquid-solid separation is collected and discharged to an external container through the drain cock.

Flow adjustment: The drain valve can also adjust the flow of filtrate. By adjusting the opening of the drain valve, the operator can control the discharge rate of the filtrate to adapt to different process requirements.

Continuous discharge of liquid: After the filter cake is discharged from the filter plate, the discharge valve can ensure the continuous discharge of filtrate. This is a critical link in maintaining operational continuity and stability.

Prevent filter cake from being filtered again: After the filter cake has reached the required dryness and been discharged, closing the drain valve can prevent excessive filtrate from penetrating into the filter cake again and maintain the stable state of the filter cake.

Avoid excessive pressure: Proper operation of the drain cock can prevent the liquid pressure inside the filter chamber from being too high and avoid damage to the equipment due to excessive pressure.

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