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The polymer dosing system also called Metering Systems for polymers, which is an automatic control equipment, mainly used to add a certain amount of polymer to ensure the system accurately and stably.

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1. What is the polymer dosing system

The polymer dosing system also called Metering Systems for polymers, which is an automatic control equipment, mainly used to add a certain amount of polymer to ensure the polymer system accurately and stably.

For example, the common chemicals PAC polyaluminum chloride and PAM polyacrylamide mainly purify sludge and separate solid-liquid in the water treatment process to increase the filtration speed. Adding PAC and PAM to the polymer dosing system can effectively remove suspended solids, particulate matter, harmful substances and heavy metal ions in the water through chemical reactions and physical adsorption, thereby achieving the purpose of purifying water quality.

In addition to the water treatment industry, polymer dosing system is also widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, etc., greatly improving the accuracy and stability of dosing, safety, and system operating efficiency.

polymer dosing system
polymer dosing system

2. Working principle of polymer dosing system

Polymer dosing system usually includes one or more polymer storage tanks, metering pumps, control systems and related pipelines and valves.

The storage tank is used to store the polymer that need to be added. Liquid pharmaceuticals can be stored directly in storage tanks, while solid pharmaceuticals need to be equipped with a dissolving system to dissolve solids into liquids.

For example, the filter press industry needs chemicals to separate the filtered materials from solids and liquids. Commonly used chemicals include flocculants PAM (polyacrylamide), PAC(polyaluminum), polymerized ferric sulfate, ferric sulfate, etc. to help solid particles aggregate into larger chemicals, making them Easily separated. PH adjusters adjust the pH of liquids and improve the solid-liquid separation effect.

Common PH adjusters include alkali (sodium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide) or acid (such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid). Flocculant (aluminum sulfate, polyaluminum chloride) is used to solidify the flocculant formed for filter press. The dispersant polyacrylamide prevents the aggregation of solid particles and improves the filter press effect.

The core part of the polymer dosing system is the metering pump. According to the preset parameters, a quantitative amount of medicine can be extracted more accurately and added to the processing system. The driving methods include electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, etc. Pipes and valves control the flow of medications from storage tanks to processing systems.

polymer dosing system
polymer dosing system

3.Application of automatic polymer dosing system in industry

The polymer dosing system can be used in plate and frame hydraulic filter presses, chamber hydraulic filter presses, membrane filter presses, belt filter presses, circular filter presses, etc.

Common filter materials that require Metering Systems for polymers:

Coagulants, PAM, and PAC can be added in sewage treatment to help the impurities in the sewage condense. Adding disinfectants can reduce pathogens. PH regulators can help coagulation and disinfection. Building material powders use binders to help the powder aggregate and concentrate. Stabilizers and preservatives can be added to the filtered material food slurry to prevent the material from deteriorating, producing starch and inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

When processing industrial waste, add coagulants, pH adjusters, and reducing polymer to reduce corrosiveness, etc. Precise polymer input can more effectively improve the filtration effect and filtration efficiency of the filter press.

polymer dosing system
polymer dosing system

4. Application of polymer dosing system in various stages of filter press

In the slurry pretreatment stage, the polymer dosing system can add pretreatment polymer quantitatively to the filter or preparation box. For example, it can automatically add coagulant, pH adjuster and other chemicals to the filter to realize the automation of material liquid pretreatment.

The polymer dosing system during the filtration stage of the filter press can automatically replenish wetting agent on the surface of the filter screen at regular intervals to maintain the humidity, and can also add filter aid chemical agents in a timely manner based on the filtration effect.

In the post-processing stage of the filter press, the polymer dosing system is used to add preservatives, insecticides and other preservatives to the surface of the filter cake, a resonant agent is added to remove the filter cake residue, and a thickener can also be added to concentrate the filtered slurry.

During the system maintenance phase, the polymer dosing system can add cleaning fluid to the liquid collecting tank of the filter press.

5.Technical data of polymer dosing system

MOEDLsolution preparation capacity L/Hpolymer power volume Llength (L)width(W)height(H)power KWweight KGload weight KG



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