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Cast iron filter plates are suitable for filtering various high-temperature materials especially for temperature higher than 80-100 degree with high temperature resistance.

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Cast Iron Filter Press Introduction:

Cast Iron Filter Press

Cast iron filter press is one type solid-liquid filtration equipment composed of thrust plates, cast iron compression plates (manual compression, mechanical compression, hydraulic compression), oil cylinder bodies, and main beams.

Cast iron filter plates are suitable for filtering various high-temperature materials especially for temperature higher than 80-100 degree with high temperature resistance.

Elements of cast iron filter press:

Hydraulic compression: The hydraulic compression mechanism consists of a hydraulic station, oil cylinder, screw, and locking nut. When hydraulic pressure is applied, the manual valve is pushed to provide high-pressure oil to the hydraulic station through the gear pump, causing the piston rod and screw rod to be pushed out, and pushing the middle top plate to compress the plate frame.

Filtering part: composed of cast iron filter plates arranged on the main beam in a certain order, and filter cloth sandwiched between the filter plates. The cast iron filter plates and filter cloth are arranged alternately, forming several independent filtering units.

Pulling part: The automatic pulling part is composed of a hydraulic motor, a robotic arm, a transmission mechanism, and a suspension device.

Cast Iron Filter Press Features:

The main characteristic of cast iron filter press is it is high temperature resistance, which is different from ordinary filter press. Its filter plate material is precision cast from high-quality cast iron or ductile iron, with good high-temperature resistance (up to 200 ℃), high strength and high pressure resistance (filter pressure</=0.6mpa), and long service life (10 years and above). Therefore, it is widely used in solid-liquid separation in industries such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, oil, ceramics, etc.

At present, there are two types of cast iron filter press according to the plate type:

    1. Plate and frame type cast iron filter press: It occupies a large area and only can be manually pulled plates, so manual unloading is required. Compared to recessed plate filter presses, this type the filtering effect of fine particles is better.
    2. Recessed plate cast iron filter press: With high efficiency and good effect, the Recessed plate cast iron filter press is more practical compared to the plate and frame type, and there are two types of plate pulling methods: manual and automatic. The automatic plate pulling type has a higher degree of automation, saving labor and improving production efficiency.

Cast iron filter press frame

Cast Iron Filter Press Working Principle:

All the filter plates are pressed between the movable head plate and the fixed tail plate, so that the adjacent filter plate is formed with a sealed filtering chamber around. After all the filter chambers are filled with pulp, the pressure filtration process begins, and the slurry is separated from the pulp by the feed pump.The solid particles are left in the filter chamber due to the barrier of the filter cloth, and the filtrate is discharged through the filter cloth along the drainage channel on the filter plate,and the filtrate is not discharged, that is, the dewatering process is completed. At this point, the material can be stopped and the head plate is returned to the original position.

Application of the cast iron filter press:

Concentrate processing, industrial minerals, metallurgical processing, chemical processing, food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as waste processing and wastewater treatment.


Plate size: 320x320mm, 450x450mm, 630x630mm, 800x800mm, 1000x100mm.

Filtering Area from 10 to 200 m2.

Feeding Pump Pressure: 6 bar.

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