Gasketed CGR Filter Press

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Gasketed CGR Filter Press: with gasketed cloth and plates

Features: High sealing, no leakage, high filtration efficiency, versatility

Application: wastewater treatment, mining, chemical processing, and food and beverage production

Filtration Pressure 0.6MPa

Filtration Area: Optional
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Gasketed CGR Filter Press Introduction:

The gasketed CGR( Caulked Gasketed Recessed ) filter press is a filter press with gasketed filter cloth. What distinguishes a gasketed filter press from a non-gasketed one is the presence of rubber gaskets. These gaskets are placed around the edge of the plates to ensure a tight seal and prevent any leakage of the slurry or filtrate.

When equipped with a gasketed filter cloth, the filter press caters to specific materials, delivering enhanced filtration results.

gasketed cgr filter press

What is a gasketed cloth?

A gasketed cloth is a specialized type of filter cloth designed with an integrated gasket around its edges. This gasket ensures a tight and leak-proof seal when the cloth is placed within a filter press or similar filtration device. The primary purpose of the gasket is to prevent any potential leaks or bypass of the slurry being filtered, ensuring a more efficient and clean filtration process. CGR filter press cloths are particularly useful when dealing with fine particles or when a high degree of separation is required.

gasketed cloth

gasketed filter plate

Gasketed CGR Filter Press Working Principle

Slurry Feed: The process begins by pumping a mixture of liquid and suspended solids (slurry) into the filter press.

Filtration: As the slurry is pumped into the press, the liquid passes through the filter cloths and exits through the plates’ drainage ports, leaving the solid particles behind.

Cake Formation: Over time, the solids accumulate and form a cake between the plates.

Cake Discharge: Once the filtration cycle is complete, the plates are separated, and the solid cake is removed.

gasketed cloth filter press

Gasketed CGR Filter Presses  Parameter

ModelFilter area(m2)Plate size(mm)Cake thickness(mm)Filter chamber volume(L)Number plate(pcs)Number frame(pcs)Filtration pressure(Mpa)Motor power(KW)Weight(KG)DimensionsL*W*H(mm)


Advantages of Gasketed Chamber Filter Press

Gasketed Plates: The primary feature of a gasketed CGR  filter press is the gasket that surrounds the edge of the plate. This gasket ensures a leak-proof operation, which is especially crucial when dealing with hazardous or toxic substances.

High Filtration Efficiency: Due to the recessed design of the gasketed filter plates, gasketed filter presses can hold more filter cake, leading to higher filtration efficiency.

Versatility: Gasketed CGR filter presses can handle a wide range of slurry types, making them suitable for various industries, including wastewater treatment, mining, and chemical processing.

Installing a Gasketed Filter Cloth on Uniwin Filter Press

Safety: Ensure the device is powered off, and always wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

Preparation: Clean the filter press plates thoroughly and inspect the  CGR cloths for any potential damage.

Positioning: Lay the cloth flat, aligning its center with the plate’s center feed hole.

Securing: Press the cloth’s gasketed edge into the plate’s groove and use any provided mechanisms to fasten it securely.

Trimming: If there’s excess cloth beyond the plate’s edge, trim it carefully without damaging the gasket.

Reassembly: After installing the cloth, reposition the plates back into the filter press.

Testing: Run a test cycle to ensure the cloth is sealed properly and there are no leaks.

Maintenance: Periodically inspect the gasketed cloths for wear and ensure it’s cleaned as per recommendations.


Gasketed filter presses are used in a variety of industries, including wastewater treatment, mining, chemical processing, and food and beverage production. They are especially useful when a tight seal is required to prevent any leakage or when the filtrate needs to be recovered without contamination.

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