Manual Jack Filter Press

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Type:  Jack Filter Press

Capacity: 1-40㎡

Automatic Grade: Manual

Power: 0.8(Map)

Application: high-temperature gases and liquids, metallurgical industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

Product Details

What is a Manual Jack Filter Press?

The manual jack filter press is a versatile and cost-effective filtration system used in various industries for separating solids and liquids. It is a compact and efficient solution that relies on manual operation to apply pressure and achieve the desired filtration results. The manual jack filter press offers a reliable method of filtration, making it a popular choice for small-scale operations, research laboratories, and applications where a smaller footprint is required.

How does a Jack Filter Press work?

The jack filter press is operated by a manual hydraulic system. There is usually a hydraulic handle or hand hydraulic pump that provides pressure on the filter plate. The pressure is transmitted to the filter plate through an operating handle or pump. When the hydraulic compression mechanism applies pressure, the filter plates in the filter plate system are squeezed tightly together. This pressing process forces the solid particle layer on the filter cloth to be squeezed to form a filter cake, while the liquid is forced to penetrate through the filter cloth and be discharged through the liquid outlet.


Manual jack filter press


ModelFilter area(m2)Plate size(mm)Cake thickness(mm)Filter chamber volume(L)Plate NO(pcs)Filtration pressure(Mpa)Weight(Kg)Oimensions LxWxH(mm)Foundation Size(mm)
XMQ1/320-30U1380 x38030154≤ 0.64901230 x 570 x 660920280570470
XMQ2/320-30U23195281455 x 570 x 6601145
XMQ3/320-30U346145501680 x 570 x 6601370
XMQ4/450-30 U4500 x 500609≤ 0.67801630 x 800 x 9001280390800560
XMQ6/450-30U691148301880 x 800x 9001530
XMQ8/450-30U8121198802130 x 800 x 9001780
XMQ10/450-30U10151249302380 x 800 x 9002030
XMQ12/450-30U12182299802630 x 800 x 9002280
XMQ15/450-30U152253610302980 x 800 x 9002630
XMQ16/450-30U162433910503130 x 800 x 9002780
XMQ15/630-30U15700 x70022618≤ 0.612572550 x 1080 x 10601870560910700
XMQ20/630-30U202972413472550 x 1080 x 10602 170
XMQ30/630-30U304523716933200 x 1080 x 10602820
XMQ40/630-30U405954921933900 x 1080 x 10603520

Advantages of the Manual Filter Press

  1. Simple and efficient: The jack filter press has a simple structure, convenient operation, and easy maintenance. It can quickly achieve solid-liquid separation and improve production efficiency.
  2. Adjustable pressure: The manual hydraulic system can adjust the pressure to meet different filtering requirements.
  3. The filter cake is easy to fall off, reducing the workload of cleaning and maintenance.
  4. Suitable for small-scale and laboratory use, especially suitable for handling a small amount of materials or requiring frequent replacement of filter conditions.


  1. Chemical industry: Jack filter presses are often used in solid-liquid separation processes in the chemical industry, such as filtering solutions, slurries, pigments, etc.
  2. Food and Beverage Industry: In food processing and beverage production, it can be used to clarify juices, filter slurries, or extract materials.
  3. Pharmaceutical industry: The manufacture and development of drugs usually require strict solid-liquid separation, and the manual filter press can meet these requirements.
  4. Environmental engineering: In the field of wastewater treatment, it can be used for dehydration and drainage treatment of solid waste.
  5. Laboratories and research institutions: Manual jack filter presses are often used in laboratories and research institutions for small-scale solid-liquid separation experiments for sample preparation and analysis processes.

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