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Control: Automatic Filter Press
Style: Vehicle-mounted integrated
Principle: solid-liquid separation
Filtration pressure: 0.6-1.4MPa

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What is a mobile filter press?

The mobile filter press is a filter press with a frame on the outside. It is usually installed on a special transport vehicle and can be moved at any time. It is mainly used for filtration and solid-liquid separation operations in different locations. These devices are typically used in applications that handle a variety of liquids and suspended solids, allowing them to be processed where they are needed without the need to transport feedstock to a fixed processing facility.

mobile filter press

Working principle of mobile trailer-mounted filter press

The working principle of the vehicle-mounted filter press is similar to that of an ordinary filter press: the material enters the filter chamber from the feed pump, and the pressurized liquid part passes through the filter cloth while the solid particles are blocked on it, thus achieving solid-liquid separation. The filtered liquid is collected, while the solid portion forms a filter cake. The filter cake can be further processed and then unloaded, while the filtrate can be further processed, recycled, or disposed of.

mobile filter press

Why choose a vehicle-mounted filter press?

The need for a mobile filter press is mainly based on its excellent mobility and flexibility. These machines can be quickly transferred between different job sites, projects, or locations without the need for complex equipment relocation, providing users with the convenience of handling materials in various locations.
Whether on remote job sites, in emergencies or on temporary projects that require rapid response, truck-mounted filter presses can be quickly deployed to handle solid-liquid separation tasks for liquids and solids. This mobility and convenience saves users time and shipping costs while providing an efficient solution, making it popular in a variety of applications.

mobile filter press


1. Multi-location processing requirements: In some engineering projects, solid-liquid separation processing needs to be performed at different locations. It can be used at various locations as the project progresses, avoiding the time and cost of equipment relocation and reinstallation.
2. Mining and Mining: Ore mining often involves moving from a different deposit or mining site to another location. In this case, the mobile filter presses can be relocated as mining activities change, ensuring efficient solid-liquid separation processing.
3. Environmental emergency response: During natural disasters, environmental incidents, or emergency clean-up operations, solid-liquid separation equipment needs to be deployed quickly. Mobile filter presses can respond quickly and go to the scene to treat contaminated liquids and reduce environmental damage.
4. Maintenance and cleaning services: Some applications require regular equipment maintenance and cleaning, which does not necessarily have to be performed at a fixed location. Vehicle-mounted filter presses can facilitate these services, eliminating the need to transport materials to locations far from processing facilities.
5. Unstable sources of raw materials: In some cases, the sources of raw materials may be unstable, or materials generated on an ad hoc basis may need to be processed. Mobile filter presses can handle this volatility at different locations.

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