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The vertical leaf filter adopts fully enclosed operation, which is environmentally friendly and has no material loss. The plates of vertical filter is made of SS316, 304 material, which is anti-corrosion and durable.

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Introduction of vertical leaf filter

vertical leaf filter

Vertical pressure leaf filter is a precision clarification and filtration equipment with high efficiency, energy saving and airtight operation. VPLE(vertical pressure leaf filter) adopts double-sided filter plate and is installed vertically, which not only reduces the cost of the equipment, but also creates favorable conditions for rapid slag discharge.

Vertical leaf filter is especially suitable for occasions where the viscosity of the filter residue is not high, or the wet discharge process is adopted. With the same filtering area, the volume of other closed filter equipment is reduced by 40%, and it is installed vertically, which is convenient for vibration and slag discharge.

The working principle of vertical leaf filter

The filter pump of vertical pressure leaf filter will put the liquid to be filtrated into the tank to make it full. Under the pressure, the solid impurities in the filtrate will be intercept by the filtrate plate on the filtrate liquid and form the filter cake on the filter plate. The filtrate liquid enters the discharge tank through the filter mesh so as to get the clear filtrate.

vertical leaf filter structure

With the increase of filtration time, more and more solid impurities are trapped on the sieve, increasing the thickness of the filter cake. As a result, the filtration resistance increases and the pressure in the tank rises. When the pressure reaches a certain value, slagging is required and then stop feeding the filtrate into the tube, and blow the compressed air into the tank through the overflow tube, press the filtrate into the other tank and dry the filter cake. Turn off the compressed air, empty the tank air with no pressure, twist the hand wheel, open the head, pull out the filter plate, start the vibrator to make the filter leaf vibrate and move off the filter cake on the filter plate.

plates of vertical leaf filter

Features and advantages of vertical leaf filter

The vertical filter element is made of stainless steel composite sieve, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and long service life (2~3 years), which is much better than traditional filter cloth, which is not easy to block holes and has low maintenance cost.

The pipeline is connected with a fully enclosed filter. Compared with the open-air filter of the traditional plate and frame filter, the fully enclosed filter material is not polluted, does not volatilize, has low material loss and better quality.

The filter screen of vertical pressure leaf filter is cleaned once a month, and there is no need to replace the filter screen within three years of normal use. Compared with the traditional plate and frame filter, pressure leaf filter needs to be cleaned once after filtering, and the filter cloth needs to be replaced once every 3-5 days, which reduces labor costs and production costs.

The vertical leaf filter press is equipped with a vibration slag discharge device, which can automatically remove slag, without manual slag removal. Compared with the traditional plate and frame filter that requires manual slag removal, the vertical leaf filters has a high degree of automation, which can save time. The production efficiency is improved and the production cost is reduced.

vertical leaf filter

Vertical leaf filter parameters

ModelFilter areaBarrel diameterInlet and outlet diameterWeight
LYL-86. 5m²650mmDn50/80800kg

Applications of vertical pressure leaf filter

Petrochemical: polyether, diesel, lubricating oil, white oil, transformer oil

Mineral oil and base oil: dibutyl ester, dioctyl ester

Grease: crude oil, drift oil, gasification oil, winterization oil, etc.

Food: gelatin, salad oil, starch, syrup, monosodium glutamate, milk, etc.

Pharmaceuticals: hydrogen peroxide, vitamin C, glycerin, etc.

Coatings: varnish, resin paint, real lacquer, 685 varnish, etc.

Application site of vertical leaf filters

application site of vertical leaf filter


workshop of vertical leaf filter

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