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The horizontal Leaf Filter is a fully automatic solid-liquid separation equipment that uses pressure to trap impurities on the stainless steel filter plate(SS316 or SS304), which is composed of a tank body, a head part, a vibrator, a filtrate pulling mechanism, and a pressure display.


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What is horizontal pressure leaf filter?

The horizontal pressure leaf filter(HPLF) is designed for PLC automation and uses pressure interception to retain impurity solids on the filter screen. After filtration, the filtrate enters the liquid outlet pipe and flows out, finally completing solid-liquid separation.The horizontal pressure leaf filter(HPLF) is designed for PLC automation and uses pressure interception to retain impurity solids on the filter screen. After filtration, the filtrate enters the liquid outlet pipe and flows out, finally completing solid-liquid separation.

Similar to the vertical pressure leaf filter(VPLF), the leaves is made of SS304 or SS316 stainless steel materials, which is durable and has good anti-corrosion and anti-rust effect. Vessel sizes are available up to 2000mm in diameter providing up to 100 m2 of filtration area.

The HPLF is completely closed filtering and discharge to eliminate water leakage and it is without environmental pollution. Vibration slag removal reduces labor intensity, the filter leaves of HPLE is automatically pulled out to facilitate observation and slag removal, the pressure display system using hydraulic control to achieve automated operation.

horizontal leaf filter

What is the working principle of horizontal leaf filter?

The feeding pump will put the liquid to be filtrated into the horizontal leaf filters tank to make it full. Under the pressure, the solid impurities in the slurry will be intercept by the filtrate plate, and form the filter cake on the filter plate. The filtrate liquid enters the discharge tank through the filter mesh so as to get the clear filtrate.

With the increase of filtration time, more and more solid impurities are trapped on the sieve, increasing the thickness of the filter cake. As a result, the filtration resistance increases and the pressure in the tank rises. When the pressure reaches a certain value, slagging is required and then stop feeding the filtrate into the tube, and blow the compressed air into the tank through the overflow tube, press the filtrate into the other tank and dry the filter cake. Turn off the compressed air, empty the tank air with no pressure, twist the hand wheel, open the head, pull out the filter plate, start the vibrator to make the filter leaf vibrate and move off the filter cake on the filter plate.

horizontal pressure leaf filter

Horizontal pressure leaf filter working process:

There are five main steps in the filtration process, namely inspection, packaging, circulation, filtration, emptying and filter cake blowing. Make sure all valves are closed when checking. When filling the tank, the pump valve and overflow valve need to be opened to enter the liquid. When circulating, open the circulation valve and close the overflow valve to start circulation. When filtering, observe that the liquid in the middle view mirror becomes clear and open the clear liquid valve to start filtering.

In the process of emptying and filter cake blowing, first, filter for a period of time and then carry out slag discharge. When unloading the slag, there needs to be no pressure in the tank, and then start the hydraulic mechanism, open the head, pull out the filter screen, and unload the slag.

horizontal leaf filter plates

Horizontal leaf filter

ModelFilter Area m2Cylinder Diameter (mm)Working Pressure MpaWorking Temperature ℃GreaseResinBeverage








Application of horizontal pressure leaf filter

  1. Dry filter cake, semi-dry filter cake and recovery of clarified filtrate
  2. Chemical materials such as sulfur, sulfur aluminum, composite aluminum compounds, plastics, dye intermediates, bleaching liquids, lubricating oil additives, polyethylene, alkali foam, etc.
  3. The food industry can be used for sugar juice, oil, dewaxing, decolorization, degreasing, etc.

horizontal leaf filter leaves

what is the difference between vertical pressure leaf filters and horizontal pressure leaf filters?

The main difference between Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters (VPLF) and Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters (HPLF) is their orientation and related design features. Following are the main differences between the two:

Different scopes of application: Horizontal leaf filters are suitable for those material viscosity is high and It is used when the filter residue is not easy to shake and unload, while vertical leaf filters are not suitable for those material viscosity is high.

The structure is different: the horizontal pressure filter is designed as a horizontal cylinder, and the vertical blade filter is designed as a vertical cylinder.

The opening methods of the head of the tank are different: the horizontal leaf filters has two opening methods: hydraulic opening and manual opening and the different opening methods are depending on the model. The vertical leaf filter cannot choose the opening method according to the different models. It only has the manual rotating lever.

The size of the floor area is different: the horizontal leaf filter needs to be pulled out as a whole to unload the slag, so it takes up a lot of space and area, while the vertical filter press occupies a relatively small area but has a higher vertical height.


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