Shipping of Stainless Steel Filter Press to Moldova

Shipping of Stainless Steel Filter Press to Moldova

As the demand for filter presses in various industries gradually increases, the number of orders has also gradually increased in recent years. Last week, two stainless steel filter presses were shipped to Moldova and we look forward to customers signing for it and putting it into use.

stainless steel filter press

This customer from Moldova is the purchasing manager of a cosmetics company. Their production process requires the use of stainless steel filter presses. The customer has clear purchasing goals and sent us an inquiry. The main requirements include the following:

  1. Frame for 20 plates from steel AISl 316 or 304
  2. Plates 400×400 mm from stainless steel AISI 316 or 304
  3. Pump from stainless steel protected from causing an explosion when working with a high concentration of Ethanol (>40%)

After detailed discussions with the customer, we determined the model required by the customer, which is BASJ400-3 (21 filter plates including 10 frames and 11 plates), and an explosion-proof pump was also required.

Stainless steel filters are important and specialized equipment in the field of filtration technology, made of high-grade stainless steel and used in various industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical processing and water treatment. It can be customized in size, shape, and filtration grade to meet specific industry requirements.

After determining the model, we immediately arrange the factory for production, and the production is completed in about 15-20 days. During the production period, we also sent the customer some photos of the machine test to ensure that the quality of the machine was good.

stainless steel filter press
Stainless Steel Filter Press

Introduction Stainless steel filter press, also known as stainless steel plate and frame filter press, is a continuous pressure solid-liquid separation equipment made of stainle...

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Packing and Delivery of Filter Press

Packing of filter press

packing of filter press

packing of filter press

Delivery of filter press

Delivery site of filter press

These two stainless steel filter presses were completed and shipped last Thursday. We hope that customers will be very satisfied with this cooperation and look forward to more far-reaching cooperation in the future.

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