Vacuum Belt Filter Application in iron ore industry

Vacuum Belt Filter Application in iron ore industry

Vaccuum Belt Filter

The introduction of the Iron tailings industry

In recent years, the iron mining industry has continued to develop.However many iron mines in China still use Iron tailings ponds to discharge tailings, which is harmful to the environment and safety.

Iron tailings slurry often contains a large amount of chemicals and harmful substances. When these harmful substances fail to meet the discharge standards, they are detrimental to humans, livestock, fish and farmland. Therefore, it is necessary to find a better tailings discharge method. A vacuum belt filter is a good choice.


Composition of vacuum belt filter:

A vacuum belt filter is an industrial machine used in solid and liquid separation processes, especially the dewatering of sludge in the chemical industry, mining and water treatment. The filtration process is mainly obtained by passing a pair of filter cloths and belts through a roller system.

The horizontal belt vacuum filter is composed of the main engine, vacuum pump, gas-water separator, fan and control cabinet.

The main machine adopts a rubber filter belt, which has high tensile strength and long service life;

The belt is supported by rubber rollers, which is stable in operation and low in labor consumption;

The overall structure adopts  modular design, which is convenient for transportation;

The filtrate is automatically discharged by a gas-water separator, suitable for all kinds of harsh working environments;

The equipment is controlled by PLC and has a high degree of automation.

Vaccuum Belt Filter
DU Vacuum Belt Filter

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The process of treating iron ore tailings with a Vacuum Belt Filter Press

The working process is divided into three steps: distributing materials, filtering and washing.

1) Distribute material: After the ore slurry is prepared in the high-level stirring tank, it flows into the distributor of the belt filter by gravity. Control the amount of slurry flowing into each point of the distributor by adjusting the valve and making the slurry evenly distributed on the filter cloth of the belt filter as much as possible.

2) Filtration: After the pulp is covered with the surface of the filter cloth, it is vacuum-filtered, and the maximum vacuum degree can reach 0.6MPa. Under the action of vacuum suction, the filtrate enters the groove under the filter cloth and collects into the filtrate storage tank.

3) Wash: When there is no clear water on the surface of the filter cake, start the washing operation, and adjust the thickness of the filter cake and the flow of washing water according to the washing effect.


The vacuum belt filter press is used to realize continuous filtration and washing operations, which reduces the filter cake’s water content, improves the filter cake’s washing efficiency, reduces the operator’s labor intensity, and has a relatively high degree of automation.

During the operation of the equipment, a stable vacuum degree can be maintained, and the failure rate is low.

The processing capacity can be adjusted according to the ore properties. Compared with the plate and frame filter press, the vacuum belt filter has more advantages and is worth promoting.

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