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Solid-liquid separation vacuum belt filter
Type: DU rubber vacuum belt filter
Capacity: 1-100 ton/hour
Weight: 2-200 tons
Size: width 1-12m,length:3-100 m
Applications: mining,food industry,chemical,wastewater dewatering etc

Product Details

Vacuum Belt Filter Introduction:

DU vacuum belt filter is one type of 24-hour continuous operation solid-liquid separation equipment suitable for filtering sand, gypsum, lime, ore, sulfur, industrial minerals, fly ash, etc. It is improved on the German technology based on the expert of Chinese filtration association that hired by our company. It has the advantages of fully automatic, 24-hour working, good filtering and dewatering results, automatic feeding and cake discharging, automatic filter cloth washing, etc. We are one of the top vacuum belt filter manufacturers in China.

vacuum belt filter

The vacuum belt filter makes full use of the slurry gravity and vacuum negative pressure suction to separate the slurry, which is horizontally arranged on the filter medium to achieve solid-liquid separation. Gravity drainage is a critical initial stage in the filtration process of a vacuum belt filter. The process relies on gravity to initiate the separation of liquids from solids. The slurry is evenly distributed on the moving vacuum belt, and as it travels, the liquid begins to penetrate the filter cloth, leaving the solid particles on top.

The vacuum belt filter is suitable for solid-liquid separation of various high-concentration materials, especially for slurry filtration with large solid particles and fast sedimentation speed. In addition, it can continuously and automatically complete the process operations such as filtration, filter cake washing, slag unloading, and filter cloth regeneration, and the mother liquor and filter cake washing liquid can be collected in different sections.

The Vacuum Belt Filter Press Mainly Consists of :

  1. Main frame
  2. Rubber belt
  3. Drive reducer
  4. Vacuum box (During installation, use a jack to jack up the vacuum box and make it in tight contact with the rubber belt to form a vacuum belt.)
  5. Filter cloth (The air permeability of filter cloth is an important filtration performance. Good air permeability means high filtration efficiency.)
  6. Liquor drainage can (The main body of the drain tank is divided into upper and lower chambers to form an automatic valve plate between the two chambers. The upper chamber is connected to the vacuum switching valve to collect liquid, and the lower chamber is connected to the atmospheric valve.)
  7. Vacuum pump
  8. Filter cloth cleaning device (After removing the filter cake, the rubber belt and filter cloth pass through the cleaning device to wash the rubber belt and the filter cloth to ensure the recycling of the filter cloth.)
  9. Deviation correction device (This device uses an airbag to push the correction roller to correct the filter cloth and ensure the normal operation of the filter cloth.)

Vacuum Belt Filter Structure

vacuum belt filter

Vacuum Belt Filter Parameters:

Belt Width1000mm1500mm2000mm2500mm3000mm
Length (mm)Filtering AreaWeight (kg)Filtering AreaWeight (kg)Filtering AreaWeight (kg)Filtering AreaWeight (kg)Filtering AreaWeight (kg)

Vacuum Belt Filter Advantages:

  • The filtrate can be fractionated. For large solid particles and fast settling speed, the slurry filtration effect is better.
  • The filter cloth cleaning device is advanced, and the cleaning is programmed. The filter cake can be rinsed separately or jointly, spray washed, advection and countercurrent washing methods can save water absorption and improve recovery rate to the greatest extent.
  • Fully automatic operation, high production efficiency.
  • The degree of vacuum is higher, and the moisture content of the hotel is low. The filter cloth consumes less.
  • The machine is specially designed. Customized for specific needs, vacuum belt filtration technology can adapt to the specific needs of different industries to ensure effective filtration in different applications.

Vacuum Belt Filter Working Principle:

The principle of the horizontal vacuum belt filter is through the suction of the vacuum pump to achieve the aim of dewatering. the sludge is delivered on the filter fabric by the feeding system, the filter cloth, which is driven by the rubber belt, with horizontal notches and holes on it; this enables the filtrate can be sucked into the vacuum box, then the filtrate and the gas are mixed in the vacuum box and then been transferred to the vacuum filtrate pipes.

After this, the filtrate and gas were separated in the gas-water separator; the gas-water separator was connected to the vacuum pump to pump away the gas and connected with the filtrate collection tank at the bottom of the gas-water separator.

The sludge forms the dewatered filter cake after passing the forming zone, washing zone, and drying zone, and is discharged at the end of the filter belt and then transferred to the destination by the conveyor.

For example, If the material needs to be washed, the washing device can be used for washing to meet the processing requirements. Under the working of negative pressure, the liquid in the slurry is sucked into the vacuum box and collected into the drain tank through the conduit for storage. After the slurry is sucked, it forms a filter cake, which is scraped to the belt by the scraper unloading device and then transported on the conveyor to the sludge truck for unified treatment.

Drawing of the Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter:

Vacuum Belt Filter Drawing

Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Press Applications:

It is widely used in coal mining, fine coal washing, copper mining, citric acid production, fly ash dewatering, food and chemical industry, and metallurgy.

The application working sites of our vacuum belt filter.

Some typical applications of the vacuum belt filter

vacuum belt filter application

The Role of Vacuum Belt Filters in Environmental Protection

Vacuum belt filters play a key role in environmental protection by enabling efficient solid-liquid separation in various industrial processes.

Sludge Dewatering: Vacuum belt filters effectively dewater sludge from industrial processes, significantly reducing the volume of waste. This reduction lowers the costs and environmental impact associated with waste disposal.

Flue Gas Desulfurization: Vacuum belt filters are used in flue gas desulfurization processes at coal-fired power plants to remove sulfur dioxide from exhaust gases. This helps in reducing air pollution and the release of potentially harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Citric AcidMiscible liquids of sodium hydroxide and CUS
Zinc OxideABS resin
Mining slurry soaked by Mno reductico acidCalcium Phosphate Ore Magma
FerromagnetSoluble Phosphor Fertilizer
Sulphur mineVitriol dirt
Copper mineAluminous rocks
Mine remaining partCaustic mud
Iron-stoneResidue silicon of aluminium sulphate
ManganiteFermentated liquid of gentamicin
Aluminium HydroxideCoarse zinc oxide
Aluminium HydroxideFluoride-bearing calcium lime
Caustic mudAmmonium Salt
Vanadium Oxide(V2 O5)Sodium silicofluoride
Coal ashWet cement
Gold mineFine coal of coal dressing
Sub-ammonium tungstateTail coal of coal dressing
Organic nitrous dye-stuffZinc Sulfate Ore Magma
4A zeoliteAgate seed
Finished agateSilica residue
Baeyer aluminium hydroxide seedDesulfuration Gypsum
BoehmiteCoal mining

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