Application of Filter Press in Sodium Silicate Production

Application of Filter Press in Sodium Silicate Production

Sodium silicate, an inorganic compound identified by the chemical formula Na2O•nSiO2, is often referred to as water glass in its aqueous solution form and acts as a mineral binder. This soluble inorganic silicate boasts a broad spectrum of applications. In recent years, the variety and quantity of liquid sodium silicate have increased significantly, and it has become an essential product in various industries. The use of filter press in the production process of sodium silicate makes the filtration of sodium silicate more efficient.

Sodium silicate solution

Ethiopian Customer Visit

On January 27 this year, Ethiopian customers came to visit our factory. Their company mainly produces water glass and needs to use filter presses. In our factory, they visited various filter presses and the production process and also discussed the operation of the filter press with the engineers. They were very satisfied with our service and professionalism.

Application of Sodium Silicate

  • In the chemical industry, it serves as the foundational ingredient for creating a range of silicate products, including silica gel, silica sol, layered silicon, and instant powdered sodium silicate, acting as the primary material for silicon-based compounds.
  • Within the light industry, it’s an essential material for producing detergents like washing powders and soaps, in addition to functioning as a water softener and sedimentation facilitator.
  • In the textile industry, it supports processes such as dyeing, bleaching, and fabric sizing.
  • It’s also extensively utilized in the machinery industry for applications like casting, the manufacture of grinding wheels, and as a metal preservative.
  • It plays a crucial role in the construction field, being used to produce rapid-setting cement, ground stabilizers, refractory materials, and more.
  • In agriculture, silica fertilizer can be produced.

Application of Filter Press in Sodium Silicate Production

The cooled sodium silicate at 90-110 ° C is generally filtered with a filter press. The filter media for filtering sodium silicate should be selected appropriately. The filter cloth should not be too dense or too sparse. The selection of filter plates should also be based on the temperature of the material. If the material temperature is below 100 degrees, you can choose a high-temperature-resistant PP filter plate. If the temperature exceeds 100 degrees, you need to choose a cast iron filter plate. The following is the application of filter press in sodium silicate production.

Application of Filter Press in Sodium Silicate Production Introduction

Application of Filter Press in Sodium Silicate Production Introduction

1. High-temperature-resistant PP filter press

By adding a high-temperature-resistant PP filter press XAG200/1250-U with a filtration area of 200 square meters, the water glass section has the ability to filter silicon slag produced in silica black slurry independently and can filter 60 tons of silicon slag per hour. At the same time, the press is equipped with a multi-stage centrifugal pressing pump with a pump pressure of 0.6-0.8 MPa.

2. Belt conveyor

Add two belt conveyors with frequency conversion and adjustable conveying capacity, one of which has an electric unloader to control the unloading of filter cake.

3. Washing device

Through the addition of several new washing water pumps and the open flow and underflow washing channels of the chamber membrane filter press, the silicon slag can be fully washed, and the purity of the silicon slag participating in the synthesis reaction can be improved.

Sodium silicate filtrate

Sodium silicate filtrate


The use of a filter press system in the production process of sodium silicate not only makes the production process of the newly developed silicon series products more scientific and environmentally friendly but also the implementation of the new process will cause a major technological change in the sodium silicate production industry and produce huge economic and social benefits.

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