Filter Press Application in Lithium Battery Recycling

Filter press application in lithium battery recycling


In recent years, the lithium battery industry has been on a rapid development path, making great progress in industrial scale, product quality, technical and economic indicators, etc., and its comprehensive strength has been significantly improved. At the same time, the task of battery recycling is becoming more and more important.

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In the field of battery recycling, the use of filter presses changes the recycling process, ensuring efficiency and environmental safety. The growing demand for batteries, especially in electronic devices and electric vehicles, requires efficient recycling technologies. Here, we take a closer look at how filter presses are used in battery recycling, addressing the challenges of battery recycling.

Since the lithium battery slurry contains highly corrosive or acidic substances, a stainless steel coated membrane filter press or fiber glass coating  Membrane filter press can be used to avoid corrosion damage to the filter press.

Membrane Filter Press
Membrane Filter Press

Membrane Filter Press A membrane filter press is a filter press that uses a membrane plate in combination with an ordinary filter plate. It uses additional pressure for secondar...

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Reasons for battery recycling

Increased battery usage poses significant environmental and resource challenges. Batteries contain harmful substances such as lead, cadmium, and lithium, which can cause serious environmental harm if not handled properly. Recycling not only mitigates these risks but also recovers valuable materials, reducing the need for raw material mining.

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Application of filter press in battery recycling

Extracting metal materials: Batteries contain precious metals such as lithium, nickel, and cobalt. A press filter extracts these metals from battery slurry, making the resource reusable.

Toxic Sludge Treatment: The recycling process produces toxic sludge containing heavy metals and chemicals. The filter press can effectively separate sludge and protect the environment from pollution.

Water Recycling: Water used in the recycling process can be contaminated with heavy metals and acids. Filter presses play a vital role in purifying water for reuse, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

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Filter presses are indispensable in the lithium battery recycling industry, combining efficiency, environmental safety, and economic feasibility. As battery usage grows globally, filter presses are becoming more and more important, playing an important role in sustainable development and resource protection.

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