Filter Press Price

Filter Press Price

The price of a filter press depends on various factors. Different types and models are different. The approximate range for 1m2 to 500 m2 filtering area is from $1,000 to $50,000. Generally speaking, the cost of a filter press depends on its structure, size, type, additional features, etc. The following is a detailed introduction to the price of filter presses.

chamber filter press

Filter press machine price components

The price structure of the filter press is very complex, and the proportions of each part are different. The frame accounts for 30%, the filter plate accounts for 15%, the filter cloth accounts for 15%, and the control cabinet, hydraulic station, feed pump, and various accessories each account for 10%.

filter press frame

8 common types filter press prices

Filter presses are mainly divided into plate and frame filter presses, chamber filter presses, vertical filter presses, membrane filter presses, high-pressure round filter presses, cast iron filter press, manual jack filter press, and stainless steel filter press. These eight types of filter presses have different prices and are suitable for different occasions. Please consult us for detailed filter press prices.

filter press

Prices of filter presses of different sizes

The prices of filter presses of different sizes are also different. Larger filter presses with a higher capacity for handling more material typically cost more than smaller ones. The size is often determined by the number of plates and the dimensions of each plate.

Filter press equipment cost with additional features

The prices of some filter presses with additional functions are also slightly higher. For example, some filter presses have functions such as automatic plate pulling, drip tray, or filter cloth water flushing systems. These features enhance the efficiency and automation level of the filter press, leading to a higher price point.

Plate shifter

filter cloth washing system

drip tray

Customized filter press equipment price

Many customers will customize filter presses, filter plates, filter cloths, etc., according to their own requirements. The price of this filter press will also be higher than that of ordinary filter presses.

Customized filter plate


The above is the price reference for filter presses provided by Uniwin. Our filter presses are factory direct prices. We have high-quality and low-price filter presses for sale. If you want to buy a filter press, please contact us for the filter press latest price. We can supply you with the filter presses at the best price.

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