DU Vacuum Belt Filter

DU Vacuum Belt Filter

  • Vaccuum Belt Filter
  • Vaccuum Belt Filter
  • Vaccuum Belt Filter
  • Vaccuum Belt Filter
  • Vaccuum Belt Filter

Solid-liquid separation vacuum belt filter
Type: DU rubber vacuum belt filter
Capacity: 1-100 ton/hour
Weight: 2-200 tons
Size: width 1-12m,length:3-100 m
Applications: mining,food industry,chemical,wastewater dewatering etc



Introduction of DU rubber vacuum belt filter:

DU rubber vacuum belt filter is one kind high technology solid-liquid separation equipment,it is improved on the germany technology based on the expert of Chinese filteration association that hired by our company.It has the advantages of fully automatic,24 hours working,good filtering and dewatering result,automatic feeding and cake discharging ,automatic filter cloth washing etc.
It is mainly consists of :
1,Main frame
2,Rubber belt
3,Drive reducer
4,Vacuum box
5,Filter cloth
6,Liquor drainage can
7,Vacuum pump

Vacuum Belt Filter Structure

vacuum belt filter

It is widely used in coal mining,fine coal washing,copper mining,citric acid production,fly ash dewatering,food and chemical industry, metallurgy.

The application working sites of our vacuum belt filter:

Some tipical applicitations of the vacuum belt filter:

Citric Acid Miscible liquids of sodiumhydroxide and CUS
Zinc Oxide ABS resin
Mining slurry soaked by Mno reductico acid Calcium Phosphate Ore Magma
Ferromagnet Soluble Phosphor Fertilizer
Sulphur mine Vitriol dirt
Copper mine Aluminous rocks
Mine remaining part Caustic mud
Iron-stone Residue silicon of aluminium sulphate
Manganite Fermentated liquid of gentamicin
Aluminium Hydroxide Coarse zinc oxide
Aluminium Hydroxide Fluoride-bearing calcium lime
Caustic mud Ammonium Salt
Vanadium Oxide(V2 O5) Sodium silicofluoride
Coal ash Wet cement
Gold mine Fine coal of coal dressing
Sub-ammonium tungstate Tail coal of coal dressing
Organic nitrous dye-stuff Zinc Sulfate Ore Magma
4A zeolite Agate seed
Finished agate Silica residue
Baeyer aluminium hydroxide seed Desulfuration Gypsum
Boehmite Coal mining

Our clients from foreign countries:

Belt Filter Press Clients

Working Principle:

The principle of the horizontal vacuum belt filter is through the suction of vacuum pump to achieve the aim of dewatering.the sludge is deliverd on the filter fabric by the feeding system,the filter cloth,which is driven by the rubber belt,with horizontal notches and holes on it,this enables the filtrate can be sucked into the vacuum box,then the filtrate and the gas are mixed in the vacuum box and then been transferred to the vacuum filtrate pipes.
After this,the filtrate and gas was separated in the gas-water separator,the gas-water separator was connected with the vacuum pump to pump away the gas,and connected with the filtrate collection tank at bottom of gas-water separator.
The sludge forms the dewatered filter cake after passing the forming zone,washing zone and drying zone.and discharged at the end of the filter belt and then transferred to the destination by the conveyor.


Width 1000mm 1500mm 2000mm 2500mm 3000mm
Length Filtering Weight Filtering Weight Filtering Weight Filtering Weight Filtering Weight
area (kg)  area (kg) area (kg)  area (kg)  area (kg)
3000 3 3700 4.5 4300 6 4900 7.5 5700 9 6300
4500 4.5 3890 6.75 4525 9 5160 11.25 6000 13.5 6640
6000 6 4080 8 4750 12 5420 15 6300 18 6980
7500 7.5 4270 11.25 4900 15 5680 18.75 6600 22.5 7320
9000 9 4460 13.5 5050 18 5940 22.5 6900 22.5 7320
10500 10.5 4650 14.75 5275 21 6200 26.25 7200 31.5 8000

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