Ceramic Vacuum Disc Filter for Coal Mining

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Type: plate and frame/recessed filter press
Capacity: 1-100 ton/hour
Weight: 1-20 tons
Size: 10*1.6*1.8 m
Applications: coal washing, inorganic saltmining, alcohol, petroleum chemical, dyestuffme, tallurgy medicine,
food stuff, textile printing and dying, paper making
waste water treatment,sewage treatment industries etc.

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Ceramic filter is the world’s most advanced solid-liquid separation technology; with its energy saving, clean, and green, you can reuse resources and other advantages in various fields of a national economy increasingly widely used. Ceramic filter is a good example of the successful application of ceramic filtration technology; large-scale promotion in the country in recent years has produced good economic and social benefits. In the early 1980s, the Outokumpu company successfully developed a filter medium ceramic filter plates. Ceramic filter plate pore size is typically 1 – 5 microns ( the most commonly used is 1.5 – 2.0 microns ), so microporous capillary action can produce a strong ceramic filter to work under the action of vacuum pump through the porous liquid-only filtrate, which is solid and gas -barrier becomes cake filtration plate surface to achieve solid-liquid separation.

The birth of a new filter media for the development of the solid-liquid separation technique has great significance in producing a ceramic filter plate capillary action and has excellent mechanical properties; the ceramic filter cloth and the other in the filter compared to the filter medium have a plurality of advantages, is between this ceramic filter has been widely used. Ceramic filters can be used in non-ferrous metal mine dewatering, coal, chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other industries, with a wide range of applications.

( 1 ) Energy efficient: large capacity, energy-saving effect is obvious. Handling capacity > 1100kg/m2 h, electricity <0.5kWh/th, compared with the conventional disc filter outside the filter, over 80% energy saving.
( 2 ) Automatic control: Performance Series models using program control, automatic feeding, and automatic cleaning reduce labor intensity and can reduce the number of operations personnel.
( 3 ) improve the automatic protection features: automatic fault alarm system, fault-screen display, high and low-level alarm display, and automatically exclude or shut down manually.
( 4) The structure of a solid, durable Machine adopts computer optimization design, rational structure, reliable, maintenance-free design main transmission components, reducing downtime rate, and tank mixing system made ​​of stainless steel body structure to ensure its service life of up to 10 more years.
( 5 ) Improve product quality and reduce transportation costs: Concentrating low water filtration treatment can greatly improve the market competitiveness of products and reduce transportation costs during transport and loss.
( 6 ) environmental effect is obvious: Because of the clear filtrate, repeated use, reduced emissions, and compliance with environmentally clean production of the current trend.

Vacuum Disc Filter Drawing

The application sites of the ceramic vacuum disc filter:

Vacuum Disc Filter Applications

Application table:

MineSize DistributionFeeding ConcentrationAmount kg.(m2h)-1Water Content %
Gold Concentrates-200~-325Mesh50~60900~15006.5~11.5
Gold Gangue-200~-400Mesh45~60400~60013~16
Copper Concentrates-200~-325Mesh45~60600~9006.5~12
Iron Concentrates-200~-325Mesh40~60850~15006~10
Zinc Concentrates-200~-325Mesh50~60750~9006.5~12
Lead Concentrates-200~-400Mesh50~65650~80010~12
Lead-zinc Gangue-200~-325Mesh50~65350~55012~16
Residue of Cyanide-325~-450Mesh50~60350~55021~24
Sulfur concentrates-200Mesh covers 80%50~65350~7908~12
Nickel concentrates-200~-325Mesh55~60300~60010~12
Coal concentrates-200Mesh covers 80%50~65550~93018~20
Zinc oxide-200Mesh covers 75%55~65620~12008~12
Fluorite powder-200Mesh covers 60%55~65750~9008~12

 Working Principle:

Slime Absorbing Zone: The filter plate immersed in the slime while in operation produces a surface absorption of filter cake, with the action of capillarity and integrated with vacuum pressure. Filtrate enters the distributing valve and drainage tank through the filter plate.

Leaching Zone: Filter cake coming out from slime hopper receives spray washing.

Drying Zone: Continuous dehydration for filter cake is conducted with the action of high vacuum force.

Discharging Zone: The scraper will automatically discharge materials once it enter the vacuum-free condition.

Back Flushing: Service water or filtrate enters the ceramic plate through the distributing valve and cleans the blocked mini hole entreated. Cleaning with ultrasonic and low-density acid after the ceramic plate is used for one period to maintain the efficient service life of the ceramic plate.

Vacuum Disc Filter Drawing


ModelFilter DicsFilter plates QtyChamber Volume/M3Power/KWSize (L×W×H/)/M

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