DY Belt Filter

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Type: DY belt filter press
Capacity: 1-20 ton/hour
Weight: 5 tons
Size: 4*1.8*2.2 m
Applications: wastewater treatment,municipal wastewater,wwtp etc

Product Details


DY series automatic belt press filter is a new product researched by our company and the national research institutes on the basis of foreign advanced filtering technologies. It is mainly composed of a driving device, a frame, a press roller, an upper filter belt, a lower filter belt, a filter belt tensioning device, a filter belt cleaning device, and a discharge device. , air control system, electrical control system, and other components.

DY Belt Filter Working Principle:

There are three dewatering zones of the belt filter.

The evenly spread filtering material on the filter cloth firstly goes in the first dewater zone—the self-gravity zone, above 50% of water flow down after the process of adding flocculants(usually PFS or PAC)

Then, the sludge was conveyed to the second dewater zone at the header side of the belt filter—cuneate zone. In this zone, the distance between the upper and lower belts becomes narrower and narrower progressively, and the sludge is dewatered by the pressing of the belt.

After that, the sludge goes into the third dewater zone—the squeeze zone. In this zone, the sludge was squeezed by the pressure of a small diameter roller and moved like a wave. After this zone, the filter cake was taken to the drawing knife and was shaved to the ground or collecting pool.

The tension of the filter belt can be achieved through the air cylinder and kept constant. And the tension would not change with the inlet. It’s easy to operate and control. The press is equipped with an air compressor control system, which can automatically correct and detect the belt’s position on the press role. For the belt press with a wider belt, there is an automatic sludge-in device that ensures the sludge can enter into the belt evenly so as to improve the effect and lengthen the service life.


Main enginePower(kw)
Air compressor33333333
Belt width (mm)500700100015002000250030004000
Capacity (m3/h)3~44~65~78~1012~1515~1818~2525~30
Overall dimensionLength(mm)49204920492049204920492049204920
Feeding concentration0.2-8%
Discharge concentration20-45%

DY Belt Filter Press Video:

Advantages of DY Belt Filter:

(1)     Automatic control and continuous working
(2)     Low energy cost and long service life
(3)     High dewatering efficiency and high solid-containing rate of mud cake
(4)     Easy maintenance and management
(5)     Low noise and use less chemicals
(6)     Economical and reliable, wide application

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