Application of Mobile Filter Press in the Oil Field Industry

Application of Mobile Filter Press in the Oil Field Industry

Oil is one of the most important energy sources. In recent years, my country’s oil production has increased year by year, and oil fields have gradually entered a period of high water content. During the mining process of many oil fields, the comprehensive rate of produced water has exceeded 90%, followed by an increase in the amount of water discharged from oil fields. Proper treatment of oil field sewage is an inevitable choice for the sustainable development of the oil field industry. It can not only effectively reduce oil field The environmental damage caused during the mining process can also save crude oil and increase oil field productivity.

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At the same time, the demand for mobile filter presses in the oil field industry is increasing, and it has achieved remarkable results in oilfield sewage treatment. This article will introduce the application of mobile filter presses in the oil field industry.

What is a Mobile Filter Press?

The mobile filter press(MFP) is a solid-liquid separation equipment that is easy to move on the vehicle. This equipment has greatly improved the traditional filter press and combines many advantages such as low investment cost, high dehydration efficiency, small footprint, and simple operation and maintenance. One body. This equipment is widely used in sludge treatment fields such as sludge dewatering, river dredging, and oil field drilling. It can effectively reduce the secondary pollution of sludge to the environment and ultimately achieve the goal of low-cost resource utilization of sludge.

Designed for mobility and efficiency, these filter presses are mounted on a vehicle chassis, allowing for field deployment at various oilfield locations. This portability is particularly beneficial for the oilfield industry, where operations are often spread over remote and vast areas. Portable mobile filter presses are equipped with all the necessary features of a traditional filter press but with the added advantage of mobility.

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Automatic Mobile Filter Press

The mobile filter press is a filter press with a frame on the outside. It is usually installed on a special transport vehicle and can be moved at any time. It is mainly used for...

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Dangers of Oily Sewage

  • When oily sewage is discharged without proper treatment, it will not only pollute the water body, but also seriously affect the health of the water body.
  • After oil is discharged into the water body, an oil film will form, making it difficult for oxygen to effectively dissolve in the water, thus affecting the oxygen demand of aquatic organisms. In severe cases, it may cause the death of a large number of aquatic organisms.
  • Oil has the effect of supporting combustion. If oily sewage is not properly treated, the oil on the surface of the water body may lead to subsequent fire problems.

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Advantages of Vehicle-Mounted Filter Press

The vehicle-mounted filter press adopts a compact design and integrates the main engine of the filter press, the feeding system, the pressing system, the liquid discharge system, and the control cabinet. The overall size of the whole machine is reduced to the minimum. The manufacturing cost is greatly reduced, and the floor space is greatly reduced. It is reduced and facilitates mobile operations during the production process. The process is simple; it occupies less space and saves investment. This equipment is especially suitable for sludge treatment and other fields.


Mobile Filter Press Application in the Oil Field Industry

Preparation: Deploy the truck-mounted filter press to the oil field site. Due to its mobility, the equipment can be transported quickly and efficiently to various locations within the oil field. Upon arrival at the designated location, the filter press begins operation. The press is usually connected to a sludge source, such as a sludge storage tank. The preparation phase also includes calibrating equipment to handle the specific characteristics of the sludge at that site, such as its viscosity, solids content, and chemical composition.

Sludge Feeding: Send the sludge to the filter press. Sludge can be pumped directly from the source into the filter press, reducing the need for intermediate handling and storage.

Filtration Process: In the filter press, the sludge is separated. The press applies high pressure to the sludge, forcing the liquid (water and oil) through the filter cloth. The solids are retained, forming a filter cake.

Cleaning and Maintenance: After each filtration cycle, the filter press will be cleaned to remove residual solids and keep the filter cloth clean to ensure that it operates efficiently in subsequent cycles.

Relocation and Repeat: Once the mission at a specific site is completed, the truck-mounted filter press can be relocated to another location within the oil field. Due to its mobility, it ensures continuous and efficient treatment of sludge throughout the entire oil field operation.

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In short, the application effect of mobile filter presses in the oil field industry is very significant. These presses offer a versatile, efficient, and environmentally responsible solution for handling hazardous sludge, recovering valuable resources, and ensuring the sustainability of oilfield operations. As the industry continues to develop, innovative technologies such as truck-mounted filter presses will become increasingly important in maintaining economic and environmental benefits.

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